The Forecast is GREAT if you LOVE SNOW!

First Trax

Kenny asked me to handle the FirsTrax update this morning and MAN I forgot what this place is like when big snows are headed our way! I received a couple of calls the moment I walked into the office this morning and we also received Brad Panovich’s FIRST forecast of the season and it’s a great one if you like SNOW.

Check out the video below and his forecasts will always be on our front page all season long as well. You can always see his forecast here: Southeast and mid-Atlantic Skier’s Forecast


It’s from 10-20° colder this morning than on Monday AM and you can tell that the snow is indeed on the way. Brad’s forecast is for around 2-4″ of snow around Beech and Sugar, with 4-5″ possible from the “two act snowfall”. The first act gets into gear this afternoon and into Wednesday and the second act comes Thanksgiving Day.

Snowshoe (as usual) will get their lion’s share of snowfall with 4-6″ or more…and Canaan Valley / Timberline Resort in that same arena…if not slightly more. Wisp Resort could be the big winner from this snow event with 6-7″ forecasted by Panovich with possibly 8″ or more.

Kenny alluded to crashing our drone on Saturday. We’re back in the air after some test flying and a little “rebel ingenuity”. The gimble (which stabilizes the camera) was also bent pretty severely in the crash and it had to be forced back into position. I THINK we have it working well and should know soon enough, because as soon as the snow begins to fly later today, I’ll get it in the air and we’ll see what happens!

As it turns out the error was not “PILOT ERROR” on Kenny’s part on Saturday but more a “PRE-FLIGHT MECHANICAL” error as I did not have the controller batteries all charged up 🙁

Like Kenny – I am certainly looking forward to showing more of the region from the air.

If you missed Jordan Nelson’s video, here it is again:



Technology – whether through the eyes of an iphone camera, the lens of a seasoned photographer, the new drone cameras or the HD LIVE STREAMS that we now have trained on most of the ski resorts – provides some AWESOME means of knowing what is happening at all of our favorite mountains. With the possible exceptions of Wisp Resort and Wolf Ridge Resort – you can see what’s happening LIVE at any moment. This is GREAT for someone like me – who is attempting paint a picture with words of what is going on around the region. However it’s even MORE AWESOME for visitors to the resorts because unlike in the past – you can plan your ski and snowboarding getaways with some assurance of what the slopes will look like before you get to the mountains.

West Virginia Ski Resort PhotosTHIS MORNING things look a little “IN NEED” of some snow…whether from the heavens or from the high-tech snowmakers that all of our ski resorts have.

The photo to the left was taken from Snowshoe’s Shaver Center Live Cam



With snow in the forecast you can bet that our Meteorologist, Brad Panovich will be keeping all of us updated with “the latest”…so be sure to check back often.

We’ll also be posting more vids when the snow starts.
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