Fire at Sugar Ski & Country Club Units

First Trax
Photo sent by a buddy of mine, Ron Kent. Click to Enlarge.

(You can click the image above to enlarge.)

To be clear – this is NOT the ski resort as some are already mis-reporting. This is the ski-ski-out lodging complex known as Sugar Ski & Country Club which is located at the TOP of the ski mountain known as Sugar Mountain Resort. Sugar Ski & CC actually horseshoe circles the Oma’s Slope (formerly Big Red).

Photo credit: Gunther Jochl – was shared by numerous new services.

We started getting reports about “SUGAR” being on fire and that is NOT the case. What may have confused some people is the fact that Sugar Mountain Resort owner, Gunther Jochl had texted out a photo of the fire and the photo was credited to him.

Sugar Ski & CC has been undergoing a complete makeover with new siding and lots of other things going on. There is no word yet on injuries or what sparked the fire. However we did want to get the message out that SUGAR is just fine. Sugar Ski & CC is a client/sponsor and we will get word as soon as we know it about how this may affect availability, etc.

The main administrative offices and clubhouse area is what looks to be destroyed.

We will post more when we get it.


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