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What an exciting past 48 hours it has been!  This snow over the past couple of days has gotten me pretty pumped.  I know that Sugar and Cat opened for a couple weekends early in November, but I haven’t really felt like the ski/snowboard season has begun until now.  Driving up from Charlotte this morning and seeing snow on the mountaintops put a smile on my face.  It makes this whole coming into work at 7:30 thing a lot easier.

Looking around at the resorts this morning, it looks like Snowshoe and Beech are the only ones who have seen any measureable snowfall in the past 24 hours.  Beech Mountain has seen another half inch of snow over the past 24 hours.  That puts them right at 4 inches over the past 48 hours.  They will be opening on Saturday to a lot of people’s delight, including myself.  I’m going up there to fix the Pinnacle cam today and will get a few pics of what the slopes look like.  Keep an eye out on the messageboard for those.

Things are looking GOOD >>>>> at the base of Beech  this morning!

Snowshoe hasn’t updated their snow report yet, but Mike told me he heard they have gotten another half inch or so.  He has a few pics from up there and will post one as the photo of the day, so look out for that on the homepage.  Snowshoe announced yesterday that they will not be opening until December 9th.  Some people might be a little upset at this but you cannot blame them for wanting to put out the best product possible.  Last year people were complaining about them not opening sooner, and then I saw a trip report from opening day and there was nobody on the mountain!  We’re all looking forward to the Shoe opening next weekend and when they do it will be with great conditions.  Just a reminder, check out SnowshoeWeather.com for current weather conditions up there.  We updated the site yesterday and now have access to the official weather station on top of the mountain at an elevation of 4819 feet.  Basically, you can’t get a more accurate reading on current weather conditions than what we have!  Not bragging, I’m just saying… 

App, Cataloochee, and Sugar all have been making snow as well.  Sugar is open again today from 3/4 station down on Upper and Lower Flying Mile.  Lift tickets are $30 for a whole day.  I have some buddies who are headed out there for the day.  If you guys are reading this, take a camera and I want to see a trip report later!

Cataloochee is still on to open Saturday.  Their webcam is covered this morning so that’s a good sign that they made snow overnight once again.  I am really impressed this year with how much snow those guys up there can lay down in such a short period of time.

<<<< A completely covered cam is always a good thing!  They must be blasting the slopes at Cat this morning!

App is still planning on opening Friday as of now.  

EDIT 9:45 a.m.:  App has announced they will not be opening this weekend.  Read more about it here…https://www.skisoutheast.com/articles_3709_App-Ski-Mtn-Will-Not-Be-Open-This-Weekend.html?archived=false&type=all&subtype=announcements

I’m hoping to get out there either today or tomorrow and get the new web cam installed.  It will be of the same quality as our King Street and Sugar Ski cams, and will be located at the midstation.  I’m pretty excited for it.  All of these new cams have gotten such a good reception by people.  I have gotten a number of emails from people thanking us for putting them up.

The next couple of nights don’t look particularly great for snowmaking.  The forecast soundings are showing inversions.  In fact, Sugar’s website is showing one right now as it’s 29 at the bottom and 38 at the top of the mountain.  We’ll keep an eye out on things and make sure you guys stay updated.  That’s all I got for now!  Check back tomorrow!

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