Do Not Adjust Your Computer or Phone Screens; It’s Still Snowing!

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Southeast Si Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter - EARLY! Spoiler Alert for Groundhog Day!Groundhog Day is 14 days, and about 13 hours or so from the time I sat down to write this morning’s post. However, I feel like I’m stuck in this cycle of getting up around 6:00am; looking in at all the ski cams and then researching the natural snowfall depths that fell overnight.

Photo of the Day is a capture from this morning of Canaan Valley Resort

As I was viewing some of the social media posts last night, I saw where Shawn Cassell of Snowshoe Mountain posted, “It snowed all weekend here at Snowshoe, it’s snowing now and snow is in the forecast for the next couple of days.”

Last night as I flipped the lights on out on my deck – it was snowing. As I passed the light switch for the deck this morning and flipped it…it was still snowing.

The LIVE CAMS are creating near-constant “kodak” or InstaGram, SnapChat, Twitter or Facebook moments!

Another pristine photo from atop Eagles Nest. Click to Enlarge!

Snow Is Piling Up!

I was telling a friend this morning that we’ve had natural snow on the ground here for the last 14 days and she lives only an hour away and they’ve seen nothing.

We’ve seen snowfall across the entire region over the last few days, although the Virginia mountains continue to be natural-snow-starved this season. To be clear, cold temps have allowed snowmaking crews to provide pristine conditions at all of our Southeast and mid-Atlantic ski resorts. However, when it comes to snowfall the North Carolina high elevations and West Virginia’s snow-prone resorts are within 3″ of each other in terms of seasonal snowfall.

In just the last 72 hours, we’ve seen these observations:

Snowshoe Mountain Resort – 10″
Canaan Valley Resort – 9.5″
Timberline Mountain – 9.5″
Beech Mountain Resort – 9″
Sugar Mountain Resort – 9″
Winterplace Resort – 8″
Wolf Ridge Resort – 6″
Cataloochee Ski Area – 4″

We’ve seen so much snow that a guest atop Beech Mountain posted this on Sunday!

Too bad there hasn’t been a plow on any of the Beech neighborhood roads… snowed in currently with our skis sitting here taunting us. – Jon Bowman

A Nice Video Share from Snowshoe Mountain showing off the recent powder days!

So Much Snow…

Beech Mountain Resort is 100% open with Oz Run now open.

Canaan Valley Resort – They posted:

Thanks to all this natural snow, we’ve been able to open up a number of our natural trails on the mountain. Currently we are looking at a total of 39 trails open, both natural and machine groomed, which is more than 80% of our skiable terrain.

Cataloochee Ski Area – picked up 4″ of natural snow over the last 48 hours and they are 100% open.

Never Thought I’d Be Sharing This Kind of News

Several people have emailed me recently AND I read a couple of posts on Social Media where people are reaching out via those resources as well as messageboards seeing if they can tempt people to sell their lift passes for a visit. I’ve done this for ages when it comes to sold out football games, but I never thought I’d be talking about that for skiing and snowboarding passes!

(As far as I know, lift passes are non-transferrable.)

Just a Crazy Time…

One of our messageboard members, who goes by “boredtoo” posted these crazy photos from the line to get tickets on Sunday (yesterday) at Sugar Mountain. He mentioned fighting the ticket sales lines on Saturday morning (so early it was dark) and then he snapped these photos to share.

Photo by Messageboard Member “Boredtoo”. Click to Enlarge!


Photo by Messageboard Member “Boredtoo”. Click to Enlarge!
The Lines Wound All the Way Around and towards the parking lot! Photo by Messageboard Member “Boredtoo”. Click to Enlarge!

We’ve been reporting lines and crowds like this across much of the region. Of course, many of the ski resorts are doing online ticket sales only now and with limited walk-ups.

We’ll Leave You With Some Additional Beauty this Morning!

Snowshoe’s Village this morning! Click to Enlarge!
Canaan Valley Resort looking oh so damn pretty! Click to Enlarge!
Beech Mountain Parkway this morning! Click to Enlarge!
Another pristine photo from atop Eagles Nest. Click to Enlarge!
Click to Enlarge! Atop Eagles Nest

Enjoy the snow! Enjoy your day! Email me as you like at [email protected]


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