December 5th Notes…

First Trax

Thanks for all the great comments about our "Time for Drastic Measures" article yesterday. We’re always thinking, right?

Photos of the Day and On Snow Reporters PLEASE NOTE. We are still tweaking the new website content. Thanks so much for signing on again and we appreciate all of you that have sent photos thus far. We’ll post as many as we can each day. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday we’ll have the new login page ready to receive your reports and photos. In the meantime, just email them to us at [email protected].

FRONT PAGE PHOTOS ARE…YOU! – Hopefully, you guys have noticed that our FRONT PAGE photos are promoting the most important people to the ski industry in North Carolina and the Southeast…YOU! We are featuring YOUR photos and captions to accompany them so while you’re out on the slopes, snap a couple of good ones (or get someone to snap one of you) and send them in! Please make sure that all photos are at least 800 pixels wide.

I’m certain that everyone has noticed that our new design for incorporates a new logo, and that the website only promotes North Carolina ski areas. Hopefully you like! We’ve had a lot of nice comments and only one that said they liked the old look better. We’re finishing up some tweaks on it and it will contain a link over to our sister website, (check it out) that takes where was last year and runs with it. We now feature reports from TWENTY SKI AREAS in the region and we have a LOT planned for it as the season goes on.

Contests – We are wrapping up the contest stuff. We usually don’t start running those til mid December anyway…and you’re going to love this year’s gievaways! Slopeside lodging on Sugar, Condos on Beech, Log Cabin Rentals all over the region! We’ll try to have those for you by mid week at the latest. Stay tuned.

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