Dear Mother Nature, Bring It!

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Let’s get right to the most important part of our message today – Timberline Resort in Davis, West Virginia IS OPEN for day and night sessions with 4 slopes and trails.

Wisp Resort is open with 1 learning slope “Sunset Blvd”. They do have ice skating, the mountain coaster and other activities open.

I was speaking with Joe Stevens on Sunday and he shared that Tom Blanzy’s crew at Timberline had focused ALL of the snowmaking on just a few trails (back when snowmaking was available) and they also didn’t push that snow around unless and until it was needed – and THAT has allowed them to maintain enough snow to offer a decent product on their mountain today.

In terms of being open for skiing or snowboarding – that’s it for today.

The Weather Patterns are Shifting…Finally!

I have to tell you guys that Monday was one crazy day for me. A family situation required me to be in the Lowcountry of South Carolina for the day and at 2pm yesterday (Monday) it was 83°.


It has been warm within all of our mountain communities as well with highs in the 60s with some lower 70s…but with flat-landers experiencing temperatures in the 80s it is hard to make those people realize that there IS skiing available in the region.

Again…83°. Wow.

I made the 7-8 hour drive back to Snowshoe, West Virginia and as we climbed to the top of Snowshoe’s 4800’+ elevations we witnessed 32°. Guys that is a 51° difference!

We saw some snow mixed in with the rain last night…but as this current rain system moved in and over the area – the temps did move up and into the mid 40s as of this post (9am).

One More Day of Crap…and then…

Don’t get fooled too much by the lull in the rain that many of the ski mountains will see today. We’re seeing some sunny skies forecasted for many of the mountains on Tuesday. Wednesday is forecasted to bring more rain as we’re seeing:

70% chance of rain at Snowshoe
80-100% chance of rain into the Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina mountains.

So we’ll have to deal with this nightmare for one more day…

…and then…

COLD. Precious COLD AIR will be returning and THIS TIME we could see a real pattern change that will deliver much more consistently cold temps.

We may see some snowmaking crank back up on Wednesday night at some of the ski areas into West Virginia and then by Thursday night things will be dropping into the low 20s and then we’ll see some around-the-clock snowmaking opportunities everywhere across the region from Thursday through Tuesday of next week.

Even THEN we should still see cold temps overnight even into the first full week of January.

Can you guys IMAGINE how much base snow that our ski areas can create in that time?

We should also see some natural snow early on Friday.

We’ll leave it to meteorologist Brad Panovich to update us on the idea or details of a pattern change and what that should mean for us in terms of finally seeing old man winter here for a prolonged stay.

Closing Notes…

The message for today should be to pass the word that we should see more ski areas opening by Friday or Saturday (this weekend) and others will open Sunday and into the first of next week.

That’s the first step. Then hopefully we’ll see more terrain open at each resort within another week of snowmaking temps.

So…let’s deal with the yuck weather for another 24-48 hours and then hit YOUR FAVORITE ski resort asap.

I saw a sign on a local heating and air conditioning company’s sign the other day. It read: “Dear Mother Nature, Bring It!”

I could not agree more.

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