A Few Days of Snowshoe Mountain Bliss

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A look at the how great things were at Snowshoe Mountain over the last few days. Trip report by  Brian Duy, Could be subtitled: “The Family that PLAYS together, STAYS together!”

Editor’s Note: We love it when you guys reach out and want to share your experiences at any of our member resorts. You can certainly post anything of that nature via our Messageboard, however more people will be able to share in the fun if you connect with us directly via email, etc. Brian did just that. Wanna share yours…email me at [email protected]

Brian sent this short clip that he called “Powder Monkey Glades”…read on below the video.

January 28th 2019
Bluebird Day at Snowshoe!

Amazing day at Snowshoe Mountain today! Temperatures ranged from 22 to 36 and were perfect for carving turns all over the mountain. Snowshoe took advantage of the cold temps in the morning and had the snow guns blazing. There are enormous snow whales on Choker and Lower Shays Revenge so I would not be surprised if those slopes open up any day now.

My 9 Year old Brandon took his first turns on the Western Territory today and he crushed it! 4 runs and never fell once!

The Powder Monkey complex is the perfect place for a family to explore the mountain. The slopes are steps from your door and you get to watch the snow cats at night groom the slopes. There is even a little hill for the kids to sled and snowboard. We names the slope Powder Monkey Glades.

Fresh powder is on the way and we will be out for rope drop tomorrow.

Another report coming tomorrow night.

Check out the images he sent. Click to Enlarge!


Tuesday January 29th 2019
West VA Powder Day!

What an amazing snow day at Snowshoe Mountain. We awoke to 1.5 inches of fresh snow and mother nature dumped snow on us all day. Temperatures started out in the high 20’s but ended up in the teens. Mid week crowds made for an awesome day on the mountain. My beautiful wife Mary Ellen Duy shredded Cupp Run for the first time ever today! Go Mary Ellen!

We are eagerly awaiting the cold temperatures and bone chilling wind tomorrow. I will be out for rope drop again on January 30th 2019.


Check out the images he sent. Click to Enlarge!

Wednesday January 30th

Cold day at Snowshoe! But man was it awesome. 25 runs in today. Early on the visibility was bad because the snow was coming down so hard and the fog was thick. But the afternoon was amazing. Sun came out and the mountain was beautiful!

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Another video share


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