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You may be thinking, yeah right, and if that’s the case, that is just the reason for today’s article. When we do our daily snow reports and editorials, one of our member resorts tends to go unnoticed. It is Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre in Lynchburg, Virginia -the only snowflex centre in the nation. Their outdoor facility opened in 2009 and stays open year round. What makes this possible is a multi-layer, synthetic material that simulates the effects of snow, invented by Brian Thomas, called snowflex.

In view of this, you can see why they aren’t typically included in the morning updates — no snowfall and warmer temperatures don’t make a difference. At any rate, they’re still worth highlighting, which is why today I am going to make sure that it’s impossible to overlook or forget them.

This state-of-the-art facility is situated at the top of Liberty University’s Liberty Mountain and features two 500-foot runs (one beginner and one intermediate), three big air jumps with a ninety foot long landing ramp, two grind rails, an 11-foot-high quarter pipe, and wall ride. Lifts include two carpet lifts and a surface cable lift.

You can ski, snowboard, and tube for only $5 to $10 an hour, with a limit of 100 people on the slopes at once. Rental equipment is available, and lessons are offered. Lessons aren’t only for beginners, either. Have a backside 720 you just can’t nail? Their certified coaches will be more than willing and capable to help you progress. Hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 12pm to 12am
Friday: 12pm to 1am
Saturday: 10am to 1am
Sunday: 1pm to 12am

One of the advantages this facility has with snowflex is that they don’t have to constantly groom the slopes. Snowflex holds its shape and provides a consistent surface. It even lessens the impact of falls, which makes for the perfect material for beginners to let loose upon and even experienced fanatics to have no reserve. For more on this brilliant creation, visit

What’s more, Liberty Snowflex offers ski and snowboard summer camps. How crazy is that – summer camps!? Both day and overnight camps are offered. Dates and prices for 2013 have yet to be determined, but be sure to check here if you’re interested in attending.

So how about it, 365 days on the snow[flex], can you imagine? If you’re anywhere near Lynchburg, or have some time to take a trip, at least in the off-season, I would say look no further for the place to go! Be sure to check out Liberty’s pages on our site for more information, their Facebook page for some quick clips, and their own site for ticket info and details.

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