Days 21 through 25 of our Christmas Giveaways!!


On Days 21 through 25 of Christmas, my true love gave to me

(this is the song that goes on and on, my friend)!

For today, December 21, through December 25 we're giving away A total of 10 Lift Tickets and a Surprise Giveaway!

To enter and have a chance to WIN these daily contests, simply follow these TWO STEPS (be careful, they're not the same every day):

Step One:
Subscribe to our new SkiMail Mailing List. The subscription form is at the bottom of (If you have already joined our mailing list in the last month, you do not have to register again.

Step Two:
Send me an email at and BE SURE to include:

Your Name:
Phone Number:
(We have to have a phone number to CALL the winners so that we can know where to send the tickets!)
AND One of the Following for Each Day You Participate:

      1. True or False: Both men and women compete in Ski Jumping in the Olympics

      2. Who is not a Winter Olympic Medalist: Shaun White, Hannah Teter, Carl Lewis

      3. Word Scramble: irban ucbkte

      4. Your Favorite Piece of Gear

      5. Your Favorite Holiday and How You Celebrate

You DO HAVE TO EMAIL US each day to enter that day's drawing.

We will CALL the winners on Friday, January 4th. We'll also announce it on our website AND MAIL you the lift passes so you can use them ANYTIME this season!

We will pick the winners from those who email me on that Day!

That's it. So SUBSCRIBE and email us!

Good Luck.

This will conclude our 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

Check back January 4th to see all winners and prizes!

*Thanks to those who participated in the contests for Days 1-20!

Winners for Each Day:

Dec 1st: David McCue – 4 Lift Tix to Beech Resort

Dec 2nd: Katelyn Jakubisin – 2 Lift Tix to Appalachian Ski Mountain

Dec 3rd: Ruth Ann Park- 4 Lift Tix to Ober Gatlinburg

Dec 4th: Jeff Jackson – 2 Lift Tix to Sapphire Valley

Dec 5th: Eddie Peden – 3 Lift Tix to Cataloochee

Dec 6th: Megan White – 2 Lift Tix to Beech

Dec 7th: Anthony Lane Passmore -1 2-Night Stay @ The Village Inns of Blowing Rock

Dec 8th: Lana Burl – 2 Lift Tix to Appalachian

Dec 9th: James Sheppard – 2 Lift Tix to Ober

Dec 10th: Alexis Richardson – 2 Lift Tix to Sapphire Valley

Dec 11th: David Thompson – 1 2-Night Stay @ Wolf Ridge

Dec 12th: Bill Stedem – 2 Lift Tix to Beech

Dec 13th: Frances Miller – 3 Lift Tix to Canaan

Dec 14th: Karen Brown – 4 Lift Tix to Ober Gatlinburg

Dec 15th: Greg Dobson – 2 Lift Tix to Cataloochee

Dec 16th: Daniel Hearn – 2 Lift Tix to Appalachian

Dec 17th: Martin Pyle – 2 Lift Tix to Appalachian

Dec 18th: Amanda Davis – 3 Lift Tix to Beech 

Dec 19th: Jack Smith – 2 Lift Tix to Canaan

Dec 20th: Evan Wiley – 3 Lift Tix to Ober Gatlinburg


*photo Courtesy of Snowshoe Mountain Resort 2012

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