Day 5 of our Christmas Giveaway


On the 5th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

For today, December 5th, we're giving away 2 and a half… just kidding… (3) Lift Passes to Cataloochee in NC!

To enter and have a chance to WIN today's contest, simply follow these TWO STEPS (be careful, they're not the same every day):

Step One:
Subscribe to our new SkiMail Mailing List. The subscription form is at the bottom of (If you have already joined our mailing list in the last month, you do not have to register again.

Step Two:
Send me an email at and BE SURE to include:

Your Name:
Phone Number:
 (We have to have a phone number to CALL the winners so that we can know where to send the tickets!)
AND the answer to the below word scramble:
        ctawh tou rfo hocolteca pcihs

You DO HAVE TO EMAIL US each day to enter that day's drawing.

We will CALL the winners on Thursday, December 6th. We'll also announce it on our website AND MAIL you the lift passes so you can use them ANYTIME this season!

We will pick the winner from those who email me TODAY!

That's it. So SUBSCRIBE and email us!

Good Luck.

On the 6th Day of Christmas, my True Love Gave to me…

Check back Thursday and see!

*Thanks to those who participated in yesterday's contest, and for the laughs 🙂 from those of you who followed the directions!

Winners for Each Day:

Dec 1st: David McCue – 4 Lift Tix to Beech Resort

Dec 2nd: Katelyn Jakubisin – 2 Lift Tix to Appalachian Ski Mountain

Dec 3rd: Ruth Ann Park- 4 Lift Tix to Ober Gatlinburg

Dec 4th: Jeff Jackson – 2 Lift Tix to Sapphire Valley

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