Cruel Weather, Temps in the 30s, but Underdeveloped Snow (Rain)

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The photo of the day is from Wintergreen Resort on Thursday or Friday.

Today’s FirsTrax could be sub-titled:

Give me a break it snowed in San Diego on Thursday. Good grief!

CHECK THE SNOW REPORT for all the details if you’re not into watching the Video Version below:

I’ve received a fair number of comments from people saying that they like watching the snow report and to be honest, I’m doing the video today to answer all of the people who emailed me over the last few days asking such things as:

With all this rain, will there be any snow left this weekend?
Will the ski resorts still be open?
Will the SkiSoutheast Summit still go on next weekend with no snow?

So to answer all of those questions and more…check out the video forecast and see for yourself, there are PLENTY of slopes and trails open.

As the video shared, several of our resorts such as Wisp Resort in Maryland still have significant snow on the ground from the snows that hit this past Wednesday and Thursday. Snowshoe, Canaan, Winterplace, Wintergreen, Massanutten, Bryce and Homestead all picked up some good snow before things changed over to rain.


Today and Sunday have the potential to be the wettest weekend that we’ve seen this winter to date. We’ve had a couple of hit and miss weekends that turned out pretty good in terms of skier visits and people being able to get out and enjoy the slopes. Today is probably the wettest Saturday that I’ve seen this winter. However, if you look around the ResortCams you will see plenty of people taking advantage of the slopes…wet or not. If you have the proper gear, it can be a great time out as the snow is nice and carvable.

Not Sure When this was taken…but

Beech Mountain posted this beautiful aerial the other day, taken by Glenn Sweitzer. Not sure if this was right when this week’s snow hit or from earlier in the season but it’s a nice one.

Full disclosure here….it doesn’t look like this anywhere in the region today with the possible exception of Wisp Resort in Maryland.

The Week (and Weekend) Ahead…

I got PUMPED watching Meteorologist Brad Panovich’s Skier’s Forecast yesterday once I got past the rainy weekend part of it. Cold air re-invades our region mid-week and he’s forecasting some good chances at snow for the region…especially up into Maryland and West Virginia.

He could not have sold the weather for the SkiSoutheast Summit that takes place next weekend. Check it out.

We’ll talk more SkiSoutheast Summit in a second….but first…


I have received more than a few emails from people wondering if ski areas are done with snowmaking for the season. The answer, HECK NO!

Let me answer it this way – there are still anywhere from three to five weeks of ski season left and I’ve heard that Appalachian, Beech, Cataloochee, Snowshoe, Canaan, Winterplace, Massanutten, Wintergreen, Ober and Wisp will all be ready to make snow as soon as temps allow in the coming week. One or two nights of snowmaking with some natural snow to boot and we could see conditions that rival December over the couple of weeks ahead. Brad’s forecast actually shows that March could be the best month yet for skiing and snowboarding.

From his lips to God’s ear, right?

Some of the ski areas may see 3-4 nights in the coming week where they can make snow and depending on the speed of the system coming behind that cold air, we could see some decent snow for next weekend.

…and that takes me to the SkiSoutheast / Snowshoe Summit

We are up to 85 attendees thus far booked and joining us for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It should be a great weekend of fun with Snowshoe hosting us and the Homegrown Music Festival and the Berming Man Banked Slalom! Loads of good times.

Come JOIN US! Click over to the SUMMIT PAGE and see the forecast, a promo video and also how to join us. It’s free and if you are reading this, you are invited!


Fortunately, we’ve got a lot of snow out there and the trails are in good shape so as long as you’ve got the right gear (waterproof) there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Expect soft, granular conditions for the most part. For your safety and the safety of others, please ski/ride under control at all times and respect all trail signage. Mountaineer is open without features. Widowmaker and Slaymaker/Spur will be delayed today for SARA racing and ski team training.

Join us next weekend, March 2-3, for our Homegrown Music Festival and the Berming Man Banked Slalom!

Another outstanding weekend is upon us at Canaan Valley Resort. Highs today will be in the mid 30’s and we will be open with 24 out of 47 trails available. These include Gravity, Timber, Ramble, Valley Vista, and Meadows 1 from the top of the mountain. The ski slopes will be open until 6:00pm, our tube park will be open until 9:00pm, and our ice skating rink will be open until 10:00pm. Enjoy the Saturday here on the mountain!

Is closed this weekend and management is reportedly going to evaluate reopening early next week. We’re thinking they may be closed for the season, but check back and we will update you with the latest.

It will be an interesting weather day today – let’s see what Mother Nature brings. But there’s always fun on the slopes so dress for damp, take lots of breaks (we have tempting places for hot chocolate, snacks and sweet treats), and make it a fun day at Wintergreen.

Stop by Outdoor Elements today for their sale – 20% off jackets, snowboards, skis and boots. They carry gear and clothing for all types of weather. As we head into March a vest is a great way to stay warm when you don’t need to bundle up tight.

Saturday’s Music Scene:

Wind down from your day outdoor with Apres Ski featuring the music of Sharif. He’ll be at The Edge from 3-6 pm. Later this evening Shag will entertain with pop and modern rock covers, also at The Edge. Sandwiched in between is Silent Disco Dancing at the Terrace Café. Put on your headsets and dance the evening away.

Mostly cloudy with highs in the upper 30s. Rain is in the forecast but it looks to be a mostly afternoon and evening event. Sunshine and spring like temps tomorrow before we return to more seasonal weather with snowmaking temps arriving next week. Snow Moon Festival next weekend is shaping up nicely.

We will be open 9:00 am – 9:00 pm for skiing and riding and 9:00 am – 12:00 am for snow tubing.

While each day’s weather has been the focus of questions and conversations from our guests for many of the last few days (yes, you can ski in the rain, yes we are open, yes we have snow) we prefer to focus on our commitment to snowmaking and the month plus of season left. Yesterday marked 100 days of skiing and riding we have had this year, and our plan is to stay on the course through March 31. The commitment you have from us is we will make snow as soon and as much as the temps allow, which could be as early as the next couple of days. In the meantime, we have a pretty great skiing and riding surface and still significant snow on the slopes we have open which right now is 13. Yes, it may look a little less than pristine white in places because we have also had some significant rain and groomers will do that, but there’s a lot of snow out there and our commitment to snowmaking shows each day we are open.

Open for day sessions only on Saturday

Open but they are advising fans to call ahead for last minute changes in their schedule.

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