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The photo of the day above was provided by Steve (AKA Swoop) Merkle from up at Snowshoe Mountain. (Thanks Steve! Keep them coming.)

Since Steve went to all the effort of snapping and sending me some photos yesterday, let’s go ahead and share his others. The photo at the top of this page was at the top of the Powder Monkey lift where that whale of snow makes you think that Snowshoe plans to go right into April for skiing and snowboarding.

This shot by Steve was of the Sawmill Trail on the Soaring Eagle side of the mountain. Sawmill’s bumps can be a challenge at times! Click to Enlarge!
Silvercreek’s Flying Mile showing some untracked snow. Silvercreek closes today. Click to Enlarge!

You’ll need to click the photo to the right that shows off some “Sawmill bumps” and the untracked one to the left is from over on the Silvercreek side of the mountain that closes for the season after day sessions today.

No night sessions at Snowshoe or anywhere else except Appalachian and Sugar Mountain the rest of the way.

(Man it’s hard to believe it’s that time of the season again.)

I’ve used “crazy” as a descriptive adjective a lot lately. How else can you describe the fact that portions of our coverage area saw light, ‘Charlie Brown’ snowflakes and high temperatures of 39° (that was at Davis, West Virginia on Saturday) while here in the High Country we saw tennis and golf provoking 72° and sunny skies?

No kidding, my youngest daughter, Madison asked if we could go hit some tennis balls.

The forecast for Saturday was for rain to move in and be pretty heavy at times. That didn’t happen until around 10pm last night when we saw thunderstorms and lightning that lit up the sky for about an hour or so.

It is 44° this morning here in the Seven Devils/Sleepy Hollow area of North Carolina’s High Country, while the low this morning at Timberline Resort’s Davis, WV is 22° and 28° at Snowshoe Mountain.

Crazy? Yep, I think so.

If you plan to ski or ride today, be sure to take your sunscreen and enjoy the snow.

Check out the SNOW REPORT as there ARE TEN resorts still open for your pleasure…

To further illustrate how nutty the weather pattern has been (and still is) check out these current temps as of 8am:

40° at Appalachian Ski Mountain – 9 slopes open
26° at Bryce Resort – 5 slopes open (EDIT: Bryce is actually open all week with late season hours.)
39° at Cataloochee Ski Area – 6 slopes open. Open til Sunday, March 25.

28° at Massanutten Resort – 5 slopes open. (Will be closed during the week and back open Mar 23-25th)

29° at Snowshoe Mountain – 54 slopes open. (Silvercreek closes after today.)
40° at Sugar Mountain – 11 slopes open.
22° at Timberline Resort – 28 slopes open. This is their last day for the season.
31° at Wintergreen Resort – 9 slopes open. MAY be their last day today.
32° at Winterplace Resort – 10 slopes open. MAY open next weekend.
18° at Wisp Resort – 18 slopes open.

I’m told these are ‘Bradford pear trees’ blooming down in Hickory, NC just one hour south of Blowing Rock. Click to Enlarge photo sent my Patty Davidson.

Get out and enjoy these conditions – especially the further north you head. Also remember that even though it may be pushing up daisies and the Bartlett Pear trees may be blossoming like crazy in your home town, but it is still “winter” right now at your favorite mountain. It may be a CRAZY winter…but it is winter.

MORE SIGNIFICANT SNOW is on the way mid week.

Timberline will close for the season after today’s sessions and there are a couple of additional ski areas that are “exploring their options” per reopening next week…and some will be closed during the upcoming week only to reopen next weekend. So check the SNOW REPORT daily for details of which resorts are open on any given day over the week ahead.

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