Continued Improving Conditions Across the Southeast

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After a week off, I’m back!  Mike is making the trek back home today after a week in Vail, Colorado.  So lucky.  He texted me this the other day…

30″ of snow since I’ve been here.  I’ve skied 55 miles and done 34k in vertical in 3 days on the mountain.  The back bowls are 6-7 feet deep in powder.

Needless to say, I was peanut butter and jelly after reading that.  I’m glad to see him get a bunch of skiing in as he hasn’t had time over the last couple of seasons.  Hopefully his stoke continues when he gets back and he keeps it up!

Back home here in the Southeast, we don’t have 6-7 feet of powder, but things have drastically improved since the last time I was with you guys, which was last Friday.  It was looking kind of bleak for a couple of days.  Now, most everyone has about half to two thirds of their trails open and the cams look SOOOOOO much better. Base depths are pretty respectable for the most part as well. Lots of sweet corduroy to be had this morning.

Here’s a 1 week timelapse from the Beech Mountain Resort base cam.  Kind of cool to see the change in weather and the holiday crowds.

Admittedly, I haven’t ridden since the weekend before Christmas.  I ended up being too busy up in Virginia and then didn’t go on New Year’s Day since my buddies weren’t.  It’s always more fun to ride with a group, so I think I’m headed out to App on Sunday with them.  Looking around the cams this morning got me stoked to ride.  Let’s just hope the weekend underdeveloped snow doesn’t do too much damage.

Getting into the weather now…I’m not sure if Mike posted this on the morning article over the last few days, but check out Brad Panovich’s latest video forecast from a couple days ago.

That’s some good news right there.  A little bit of natural snow and Arctic air next week.  As I hinted at, the weekend looks a little wet but it is what it is.  At the end of his forecast he talks about some brutally cold temps towards the end of next week so we’ll recover quickly next week with ridiculously awesome snowmaking conditions.  High temperatures on Thursday could possibly only get into the teens and maybe even the single digits for some. Whaaaaaaaaaa.
The GFS and ECMWF both agree it’s going to be brutally cold Wed-Friday. Brrrrrrr!

— Brad Panovich (@wxbrad) January 2, 2015

We’ll have to keep an eye on this over the next several days and let’s hope it pans out. If we can’t get snow, absurdly cold temps are the next best thing!
Here’s your weekly 2015 Ski Southeast Summit reminder.  We’re only 56 days away now!  Free skiing, discounted lodging, live music…IT’S GONNA BE A FUN WEEKEND.  Make sure to join us if you can.  Read all about it at the link below!

I have a few notable things to mention in terms of the snow report, but if you want the full report make sure to head to the SNOW REPORT page to see everything.

-Snowshoe continues to open more terrain.  Today, J-hook and Cubb Run will be opening.  That puts the Shoe at 40 open trails on 155 acres.

-Wolf Ridge is open to the top today!  They’ve gotten Viewfinder and Midway open after a couple days of snowmaking.

-Wintergreen continues to add additional open terrain as well.  Tyro and Lower Diamond Hill opens today.  That takes them to 15 open trails.

-Folks visiting Massanutten will see Paradice and the CMB Terrain Park open today.  They’re now at 10 of 14 open trails.

-Timberline opened 2 additional trails today as well.  I’m not sure which ones they are, but the open trail count jumped up from 13 yesterday to 15 today.

-Winterplace is expanding their open terrain count too.  Milkshake and Buttermilk open today at noon.  That takes them to 23 open trails, second most in the region.

That’s it for today.  Mike should be back tomorrow and Sunday.  Everyone enjoy their weekend and GO PANTHERS!

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