Cold Weather Ahead Makes for VERY Nice Ski Conditions


Several resorts made snow last night and there were a few surprises from those that didn’t. As far as we can tell Sugar didn’t make snow despite the fact that temps as of this update are plenty cold enough to do it. Some areas like Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia are getting Natural Snow this morning (about an inch) and more Wintry precip is in the forecast as two systems are approaching  the high elevations of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic such that we may see some more snows over the next several days.

Here’s the breakdown by regions:

SNOWSHOE MOUNTAIN WEST VIRGINIA – These guys get first mention today.  Why? Snow ALWAYS gets top billing in our book! They have received one inch of snow so far and it is still falling.  If you’re thinking of making the Snowshoe 24 this weekend, you couldn’t have timed the weather better.  SNOW is in the forecast all weekend in the Pocahontas County area.  Snowshoe should see snow today and a high in the 20s. It WILL BE WINDY today with 30-35mph winds.  Tonight’s low should be around 23°.  Thursday should be nice but a little breezy with highs around 40° and lows around 23°. Friday, Saturday and Sunday look like a mix of some snow and sun with highs in the 20s and lows in the teens all weekend! Snowshoe also looks to be getting more significant snow into Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  We’ll keep you posted but conditions up there should be great.

WINTERGREEN RESORT IN VIRGINIA – Wind gusts as high as 45mph won’t be out of the question today with highs in the upper 40s today.  The low tonight should be 27° which should get them back in the snowmaking business.  Thursday looks mild with highs in the mid 50s. There is a 40% chance of rain on Thursday night and Friday early, but that should clear out by the weekend and Saturday looks sunny with highs in the mid to upper 40s and lows around 30°. Sunday looks nice as well in the 40s under sunny skies.

THE NORTH CAROLINA MOUNTAINS – Look for sun and winds here as well.  Gusts to 50mph will be reported and sustained winds in the 20-30mph will be hanging around as well.  The high today should be in the 40s.  Lows tonight should be around 30°.  Thursday should be partly cloudy and a high around 52°.  Friday is looking like a mix of snow and “under developed” snow and a high of 45°.  Lows Friday night will dip to the low 20s and snowmaking will be available to those choosing to do so.  Saturday looks like snow showers early and then a mix later.  Highs in the 40s and lows near freezing so what does fall may be a wet snow.  Sunday is looking a little wet.  THE BIG NEWS is that there is a more significant system lurking out there that should bring more significant winter precip to the mountain mid week.

Stay tuned…

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