Cold and Snowmaking for the Win

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Today’s featured photo is from Wolf Ridge as they get ready to get the day started.

Goodness, it is cold outside.

Certainly not complaining as we will take it as long as we can, but it is the vast difference from Tuesday’s warm morning temperatures.

Snowshoe leads the way with the coldest temperature at 3° with wind chills below zero. Canaan Valley is also in the single-digit club at 8°, while nine other resorts are in the lower teens.

The good news?

As a result of the cold snap, the resorts have been going full blast making a lot of snow – and I mean a lot of snow.

Mike did an awesome impromptu video tour last night looking at the beautiful weather and all the snowmaking going on. If you missed it, check it out below.

Getting Ready for Christmas Week at the Ski Resorts!

Every ski resort is currently making snow and we're seeing natural snow falling as well. Take a tour with us right now.Visit us at and

Posted by Ski Southeast on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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Resorts have been able to add to those bases in a big way as they get everything refreshed for the weekend and the Christmas week.

As a cherry on top, Snowshoe and Canaan received a couple of inches of fresh natural stuff the past 24 hours, while Wisp had just under an inch.

Conditions are going to be fantastic today and this weekend. Get the latest details over at the Snow Report.

The past 12 hours or so has also brought updates for the three remaining resorts working to get open.

Ski Sapphire is joining the mix today at noon as they will drop the rope on the 2019-20 season.

Ober Gatlinburg announced that they will open the ski season on Friday at 9 am, and things look great there. We have to give huge props to the Ober staff as they are split between the resort and the Visa Big Air Challenge in Atlanta and not missing a beat.

Ober’s Tom Royther has been sharing some great photos from SunTrust Park as the Atlanta crew is working on getting things ready for the weekend event. Check out some of the shots he has shared with us.

Pretty cool stuff.

The Homestead is also busy prepping for a Saturday opening. Their mountain op crews have things looking really good in just a couple of days.

All-in-all, it is going to be a beautiful couple of days on the slopes. That does it for today.

Until next time, #ThinkSnow!

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