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Tonette or Kenny will be updating you guys in just a bit but I thought I'd add a quick comment that this morning's temps across the region are MUCH more as they should be for this time of year!

Beech Mountain is making snow at 26° as of this post at 7:45am. Sugar is making snow at the summit, but not at the base as the temps are 26.9° up top and 30.8 below. The wet bulb must be prohibiting snowmaking at the base just now.

Cataloochee is making snow at 29.6°. There's no word at Wolf Ridge but it's 27.8° over there. There's nothing happening at Sapphire Valley yet NOR over at Appalachian Ski Mountain where the temp is 33°.

All of the Virginia resorts are quiet this morning as temperatures hover at a teasing low of around 35°.

The guns are off at Winterplace Resort in West Virginia but there's a dusting of snow on the ground. We're showing light snow and 29.8° at Winterplace at 8am.

There's comparatively a lot snow and snowmaking going on at Timberline Resort this morning. Check that out at:

Not sure about Canaan Valley where we see about one-half inch of natural snow on the ground but no snowmaking happening.

There's NO WORD from Snowshoe this morning as they're report doesn't report any snowmaking or natural snow. That has to be a mistake. We'll check into that for you guys. Unfortunately there is STILL nothing to report on the new webcams. Man we went up there ten days ago and installed them but they are having network connection issues. We're hoping to see those cameras running any moment. I'd bet there's some snowmaking happening up there.

Wisp Resort is showing 28° and some natural snow (about one-half inch) but no snowmaking going on.


I listened to Matthew East's Weather video this morning. He SAID that things look pretty interesting for next Tuesday and Wednesday with some chances of snow in the forecast for much of the WNC coverage areas. However his flipping back and forth from GFS to European models had me admittedly confused. Suffice to say however that the forecast according to the NWS is showing some good snowmaking temps up around Wisp Resort with lows in the LOW 20s tonight and Wednesday night. Temps look good for Friday night as well as early next week with SNOW in the forecast for Wednesday.

Snowshoe is showing 25° right now and low 20s and even some TEENS tonight. Snowshoe MAY be able to make snow around the clock today through sometime on Wednesday with highs in the low 30s and lows in the low 20s through Thursday afternoon when things mild up to around 40°. Friday night looks good for Snowmaking and the Monday through AT LEAST Thursday, December 19th looks great with plenty of cold temps and even some snowfall Wednesday and Thursday.

The Virginia ski resorts will need some prayers as things look just a little iffy. Snowmaking temps should arrive not tonight but Wednesday night with lows around 25° both Wednesday and Thursday nights. THAT'S GREAT but then things don't look cold enough for snowmaking again until about Thursday, December 20th.  Things could tweak down temperature-wise so we can hope.

Ober Gatlinburg in Tennessee could get some snowmaking in tonight with lows around 25°. Wednesday and Thursday nights look GREAT for snowmaking with lows around 22-24°. Things are just out of snowmaking range for a few days from December 14-December 17th when colder air looks to be filtering into the area with lows forecasted to be around 28° on Monday, December 17th. Snow and cold temps look good for Wednesday and Thursday December 19-20th.


Look for Kenny or Tonette's update in just a bit and don't forget to check back for Brad Panovich's Skier and Snowboarder forecast video tonight or early Wednesday morning.

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