Chicadoo – Great new Winter Ski Hats for this Season!

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Women of all ages will love Chicadoo, a new product that is sure to sweep the ski slopes during the upcoming season. The people at Chicadoo were nice enough to send a few samples to us here at, and all the girls loved them so much that we knew we had to spread the word about this wonderful new product that promises to revolutionize style on the slopes this ski season.

This functional invention, made with high quality anti-pill fleece, allows girls and women to enjoy winter weather while keeping warm and still looking great. Chicadoo’s unique, concealed openings provide the versatility women have desired in winter headwear for generations, and its fleece composition provides warmth without weight. Now, instead of having to leave their hair down (which can be uncomfortable and bothersome) or stuff it under their hats (which—let’s face it—isn’t always the most attractive look), women, as well as men with long hair, can enjoy the versatility of being able to sport many flattering hairstyles while participating in their favorite winter pastimes like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hiking and more!

Two different Chicadoos are available to meet the needs of virtually anyone who likes spending time outdoors! The first, the Ponyback, can be worn as a traditional toboggan, but also provides three concealed openings through which hair can be pulled, allowing the user to enjoy the comfort and convenience of having their hair safely secured in a ponytail—or two— while their heads remain warm and covered. The Ponyback is so versatile it allows wearers to put their hair in a side ponytail, a traditional ponytail, pigtails, a braid, or even a bun! In addition you can also wear your hair down, and those concealed ponytail openings are not even noticeable! The even more versatile Openback offers the user endless hairstyle options and promises to keep the ears and the crown of the head warm and toasty all winter long with its soft fleece composition. Whether your hair is long, short, curly or straight, Chicadoo’s Ponyback and Openback hats can help you to create a functional, stylish look while maintaining your warmth. Both the Ponyback and the Openback come in a variety of colors and patterns. No matter your style, Chicadoo has something for you!

In addition to their one-of-a-kind toboggans, Chicadoo also offers a selection of stylish scarves in various colors and patterns, and a tee shirt featuring the company’s slogan, “Show your tail!” Chicadoo toboggans and scarves are made of high quality polar fleece, which is breathable, washable, and light-weight, but still provides an ideal level protection from the cold. All Chicadoo products are manufactured right here in the Southeast, and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Chicadoo is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to enjoy outdoor activities in the winter and look fantastic at the same time.

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