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Open THIS WINTER offering the ONLY Mountaintop Lodging at the ski area!

Fans of Cataloochee and Maggie Valley can tell you that for the last 75 years one of their favorite destinations for horseback riding, mountain hiking, wagon rides and more has been at Cataloochee Guest Ranch. One translation of the Cherokee word "Cataloochee" is "wave upon wave" and that not only applies to wave upon wave of beautiful mountain ranges that make up the area – it also applies to wave upon wave of Southern Hospitality and activities that abound at Cataloochee Guest Ranch.

This ski and snowboarding season they’re bringing that wonderful lodging, dining and activities "wave" to the 2010-2011 Winter season offering luxury, mountaintop cabins, lodging, dining and a wealth of fun and entertainment to guests looking for a mountaintop getaway at Cataloochee Ski Area.

Mary Coker, Cataloochee Guest Ranch general manager, announced a few weeks ago that the Ranch would be open for the winter ski season in association with the Cataloochee Ski Area. “We have a strong partnership with the Ski Area to provide an unsurpassed mountain top ski/lodging package for our mutual customers”, said Mary.

The Ranch and Ski Area will provide a winter Ski/Lodging Package so that Ski Area Customers can check in at the Ranch, have one stop service for ski and lodging options at the Ranch, and enjoy their ski and lodging vacation totally hassle free.

Chris Bates, Cataloochee Ski Area General Manager, noted that “many of our customers inquire about mountain top lodging and wish to stay close to the ski area, this partnership with the Ranch is a great opportunity to meet our customers’ needs and enjoy a one-of-a kind mountain top winter vacation.”

There’s a bit of snow in the forecast as we’re writing this feature (early November) and Cataloochee’s snowmaking crews are "armed and ready" to make snow to open early. Cataloochee is always one of the first – if not THE FIRST – ski area to open each and every ski season and they stay open well into March and sometimes early April creating the longest ski season in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. Guests of Cataloochee Guest Ranch will receive the kind of stay and ski package that is hard to find at most ski areas of the region.

You can view their official Winter Rates and Ski Packages PDF at:  

An example of how great these packages are, try this example on for size:

Receive a two night package that includes lodging in a LARGE CABIN, TWO continental breakfasts, TWO dinners, TWO lift passes, ski or snowboard rentals, ONE FREE lesson, shuttle service and concierge service all for only $550 per person!

Do the math and check out how nice the amenities are at their website and we have just ONE suggestion – BOOK EARLY!!!

The Guest Ranch has "non skier" packages as well as low as $160 per person.

If you’ve been looking for mountain top lodging for your ski getaway, this is it!

They have the perfect accommodations and amenities for couples, families and groups. Cataloochee Guest Ranch offers ONE CHECK IN, ONE BILL for lodging, skiing, equipment rentals, lift passes, lessons and shuttle to and from the ski area. The mountain top scenery is astounding, particularly in the snow and your cabin or lodging is only one mile to the slopes!

Once you’re finished enjoying the perfect grooming and conditions of the ski slopes, return to a blazing fire and superb dinner for the evening.

Whether you’re an experienced skier/snowboarder or simply are looking for a perfect mountaintop winter/snow vacation, Cataloochee Guest Ranch will be your new favorite place to stay, dine and chill in the Maggie Valley area.


There’s a place for everybody at Cataloochee Guest Ranch. You. Your family. Your friends. Or however many people (within reason, of course) you want to bring along.

Cozy, comfortable rooms in the main Ranch House are an ideal way to share the family-style Cataloochee spirit. If you want more privacy, or just more space to spread out, individual cabins can sleep from two to eight people. And the Silverbell Lodge is designed especially for larger gatherings.

High-speed Internet connections, yes. In-room phones, no. The way they see it, you’re there to escape from the pressures of modern civilization, not to bring them along with you. As for air conditioning, who needs it? The mile-high elevation at the Ranch is more likely to send you to your closet for an extra sweater.

All cabins and the Silverbell Lodge also have satellite TV. But something tells us that what’s happening on nature’s wider screen outside your doors is likely to capture considerably more of your attention.

We recommend visiting their website’s LODGING page to see all of the options available and there’s a convenient BOOK NOW link right on the page.  

2010/2011 Holiday Weekends Schedule

Open Wed. Nov. 24 – Sun. Nov. 28
Three seatings on Thanksgiving Day:
12:00, 3:00pm and 6:00pm

Open Wed. Dec. 22 – Sun. Jan. 2
The ski area will open at noon on
Christmas Day and will serve dinner.
We will serve a continental breakfast.

Open Fri. Jan. 14 – Mon. Jan. 17

Open Fri. Feb 18 – Mon. Feb. 21

With this special luxury ski package, you make all your arrangements directly with Cataloochee Guest Ranch and pay for everything, including additional ski days and discounted private lessons, in one place. The process couldn’t be much simpler than that. And life couldn’t be much better. Call them toll free at (800) 868-1401 or visit their website Cataloochee Guest Ranch

We HIGHLY recommend staying at the Cataloochee Guest Ranch. You can thank us later 😉

Call the Cataloochee Guest Ranch front office for details and secure a reservation before the season begins. Ranch office number is 800 868 1401.

Email your comments to: [email protected]

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