Burning Snow and Pond Skimming Talk…A Sign That the End is Near

First Trax

Check the shrinking snow report page for all of the resort slope conditions at a glance. See: https://www.skisoutheast.com/skireports.php.

I won’t lie, I’m having a hard time thinking of stuff to talk about this morning. I’m in shorts and a t-shirt and I played tennis yesterday (cough dominated Mike cough) and I might do the same today. I’m not really in a snowboard mood right now, but let’s see how this goes.

Some more news came out yesterday afternoon regarding the closing date of a resort. Snowshoe announced yesterday that they will be closing for the season on Sunday. They had previously announced that they were going to close on the 25th, but the warm weather isn’t going to allow for that to happen. Their Last Hurrah weekend will take place this Saturday and Sunday. Here’s some more info about that.

Join us as we say goodbye to the 2011-2012 season with a pond skim, games, and more! We’ll be announcing dates and times soon, so stay tuned!

Pond Skim Registration at the Connection Deck
"Best Beach Apparel" Costume Contest (must be PG)
Pond Skim Contest
Tutti Frutti Competition
Moonshine Survivor Party

-King & Queen of the Pond: Medal and a 12.13 Season Pass
-Best Costume: Medal and Lift Ticket
-Sorriest Skimmer: Medal and a Ski Lesson

In some more news of the depressing kind, Sugar is closing today. I mentioned this yesterday. They will be skiing and riding from 8am to 3:30pm today and then there will be some live music, burning snow, food and "beverages" (booze?!). Due to the early closing, the Easter Egg Hunt will not be taking place this Sunday as scheduled.

Elsewhere across the region, snow is melting…fast. I’ve been checking out the progression of this over the last few days and it’s easily visible. Most of the remaining open resorts are closing for the season this weekend, and with good reason. More warm temps and some underdeveloped snow is in the forecast from now through the weekend.

By Monday, only App, Wisp, Timberline, and Cataloochee will be operating.  Wisp is saying April 8th on their website as their closing, but there is absolutely no way that is going to happen. App is looking good to make it to next weekend. As for Cat, I said on Monday that I think they’d close this weekend. I’m now wondering if they’ll close during the week and then re-open next weekend. Only time will tell.

After this weekend, Timberline will be open only on the weekends through April 1st.  This weekend they will be holding their annual Snow Luau event.

Schedule of Events:

Saturday, March 17th
10:30 am: Lahaina Triathalon
12:00 pm: Pig roast on the deck at The Fireside
Grill & Timbers Pub
12:00 pm: Luau Nastar
1:00 pm: Rail Jam Series
1:30 pm: Lava Garden Children’s Obstacle Race
2:00 pm: Hoaloha Polynesian Review
3:00 pm: Synchronized Skiing Contest
4:30 pm: Sleds, Shovels, & Sliders Hawaiian Derby
7:30 pm: Apres ski bonfire & drumming party
8:30pm: Lava Light Parade & Fireworks
Lava Light Parade – Skiers ride down the mountain holding
torches while fireworks are set off.
9:00 pm: Entertainment by Hoaloha Performers
10:00 pm: Music at The Fireside Grill & Timbers

Sunday, March 18th

10:00 am: Snow Sculpting Contest
12:00 pm: Costume Parade
12:30 pm: Snow Sculpting Awards
12:30 pm: Hawaiian Lunch Specials
12:30 pm: Hoaloha Polynesian Performance
1:00 pm: Slopestyle Competition
11:00 am – 1:00 pm: Luau Nastar
2:00 pm: Bump Contest or Short Radius Contest
3:00 pm: Award Ceremony – Coronation of the

So yeah, I’m thinking there will actually only be 1, MAYBE 2 operating on Monday.  The only good thing about that is that I can start coming into work at 9am once again. Oh yeah!  It’s bittersweet. 

Get it while you can people!

Email me your comments, thoughts, photos, vids or anything else you like at [email protected]


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