Brothers Cameron and Noah Cooper Want it to Snow…Everywhere!

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Make several inches of snow in your backyard this weekend!

< Founders Cameron and Noah Cooper

I’ve been holding this story until the temperatures turned a bit colder because let’s face it – you guys just don’t think about snow much when the temps are 70° in your neck of the woods.

However we also know that everyone who reads our BLOGS daily are world-class snow lovers and that IS the draw that brings you to the mountains of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. Snow is equivalent to "White Gold" for most of us and two brothers from of all places, Augusta, Georgia want you to know that YOU TOO can have snow in your back yard.

Cameron and Noah Cooper have been building and selling "backyard" snowmaking equipment for several years now. The "20-something brothers" have been running the business since their mid teens and have now sold over 500 snowmakers!

I have to tell you that I’m not all that easily impressed by "home inventions" and I’ve seen a few home snowmakers around.

About eight or ten years ago I followed some directions I found on the internet and after spending about $500 on a compressor and some nozzles and piping and inviting some friends and family over to my brother’s house All I did was waste some money!

We waited for the temps to dip into the 20s and cranked up the system. About 2-3 hours later we had this small spot of what LOOKED a little like a slushy. There wasn’t enough snow on the ground to make a decent snowball and we never tried it again.

These guys started "" and after several remakes and tweaks to their model, they’ve hit on a snowmaking machine that they call their "Snowcloud Snowmaker" that will cover a 1000 SF area with 1-2" of snow per hour."

Cameron told us, "Yea all you need is cold temperatures and it gets plenty cold at night all across the Southeast with numerous nights of 20° weather each winter and with this machine you can make snow for a party or just to play or sled on."

He added, "You know if you want to guarantee a White Christmas, this is all you need. Well that and temperatures in the mid 20s or below."

While certainly not as sophisticated as the ski resort snowmaking systems that cost from $5000 to as much as a nice vehicle – the Snowcloud Snowmaker is pretty impressive. With those professional, resort style snowmakers you’ll need a compressor house, huge firehoses and more. With’s system all you need is a standard air compressor and a small pressure washer and temperatures of 28° or less.

The brothers’ website leaves a lot to be desired as they don’t really do the snowmaker justice online, but the bottom line is that I highly recommend the product at an astonishing LOW price of only $429 on their website.

<The guys sent this photo from snowmaking in AUGUSTA, GA!!!

I have one in my driveway and I can tell you that this thing worked like crazy and I only ran it for about 20 minutes just to test it and my driveway was covered. I’m planning on a "White Christmas" myself regardless of whether or not God delivers the snow this year. When I have time to play with it more, I’ll do a follow up.

The snowmaker is ingeniously simple. It’s made out of good quality PVC pipe that has been sprayed with a protective coating. The valves and nozzles are all well constructed and they’ve even added some cool LED lights to give it a space-age look. The main thing to know is that it works and you WILL make snow. For $429 you can make snow anytime and anywhere the temps are low enough and if you want to give your kids and friends the thrill of SNOW, this thing is for you.

I’ve seen systems costing from $1500-$2500 more that fail in comparison to the Snowcloud Snowmaker so, do these guys a favor and jump over to and order yours today.

If you want to set up the yard for a day of sledding, backyard snowboarding competitions, Christmas Decoration or more, this thing will do the trick.

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