Brad Panovich Weighs in this Morning with a Cold and Snowy Forecast!

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Story by Mike Doble – [email protected]

This forecast is so good that we've posted it on our weather content as well on the front of and on our featured video link at the top of the front page of the site.

Check out that video at:

The great news is that we are now looking at a consistently cold and snowy pattern from now through the Holidays. Snowmaking cranked back up yesterday across much of our coverage area and we even saw some natural snow. Be sure to check Tonette's update this morning to see where and how much. I heard from John Hoffman from up at Beech Mountain this morning that they reported a half-inch of natural snow and of course Beech, Sugar and Cataloochee all made snow all day and last night (and this morning as well). Appalachian Ski Mountain got some snowmaking in but they are a bit too mild this morning to do so.

A look at Shaver's Lake at the bottom of Snowshoe this morning

That's not the case up in West Virginia as predicted yesterday the temps are just simply a bit colder up there as you can witness LIVE on the Timberline Resort cam at

Tom Blanzy and his team are cranking out the snow like crazy this AM and they are looking good.

7"-12" of SNOW COMING OUR WAY???

Brad Panovich has this "THING" for models. Don't we all? Something about those European Models. According to the European Model – who I GUESS is also pretty smart with all things weather – things are shaping up to be cold and snowy from now through the Holidays. Brad says that there are signs that "the seal has been broken" and that we are now seeing a flip in the weather patterns that will now deliver significantly colder air. That European Model is now in agreement with the American Model (GFS) and evidently these two models don't really see eye to eye all that often. According to the European "gal" we're looking at the formation of a significant storm around Tuesday or Wednesday of next week that should deliver 6 or 7 inches of snow. "Her" counterpart (the American babe) is being a typical America (a little more agressive) and forecasting as much as 7-10" of snow.

According to Brad, it is VERY unusual for these models to agree on the same exact setup for a storm six or seven days away.

While we won't bet the farm that this all plays out exactly like they see it right now – it is exciting.

I'm dreaming of a while December 19th! Hey if we get that kind of snow on the 19th, it's probably going to be around for Christmas!

According to Brad, this isn't the ONLY snow that's headed our way and we'll probably see much more between now and the end of the year.



Snowshoe made snow all day yesterday and last night and they still are at the top of their mountain this morning. We have TWO new webcams operational this morning.  They ARE STREAMING CAMS but there is some sort of glitch with the connectivity at the resort right now that Kenny Griffin and Snowshoe's IT team is trying to work out. For the time being (perhaps only today) we are at least showing you the LIVE version that is updating every few seconds. The cams are "patrolling" around to provide you with some great angles.

You can tell that Snowshoe got some natural snow as well.  The two cams that are running this morning are:

At Shavers Center:

At the Boathouse:

The boathouse cams is panning at the bottom of the Ball Hooter lift and shows the lake and some of the terrain down below. There are some Hallmark shots on that one!

Kenny pledges to assist and get those cams – as well as the new Silver Creek cam – running LIVE HD asap.

We want to thank Snowshoe's new Marketing Director, David Dekema for the assist in getting those running. Just as an FYI these cams are brought to you by!

MORE CAMS? You're kidding me, right?

Nope, we're not kidding you. We should be implementing LIVE streaming cams at Canaan Valley in Davis, West Virginia. That camera is in transit as we speak AND we should be putting a streaming cam in up at the base of Beech Mountain Resort. We are looking at just replacing the old base cam with one of these new HD cams for this season and then looking for alternative locations to bring you even more (and better) camera angles for the next season.

This new system will be able to patrol, pan and zoom to provide numerous camera angles that we couldn't see from the old camera. That should go LIVE very soon – maybe even this week.

We're also trying to see if we can't get the LIVE CAM at The Homestead operational. That was shipped long ago and for some reason isn't up yet. We'll get on that this week as well.


When we transitioned things over from High Country WebCams to we did so because we began to see a HUGE increase in interest from around the world. I challenge you guys to find a better streaming website with as many great resort cams as what we are now running featuring so many LIVE, Streaming HD cams that stay running!

Yesterday we spoke with a new client in Costa Rica who stated, "I have to tell you that as I surfed around the internet looking for the best quality cameras and streaming website I just have seen nothing else that has the kind of quality images and delivery as I've found on"

That said, we are shipping a new cam to Costa Rica that may be mounted on a cell tower there that will offer 360° panoramas of Cosa Rica as well as some zoomed images of the surf there.

I have long bragged that we're found at the top of most searches for web design and search engine optimization from anywhere in NORTH America. Now it seems the case in South America as well.

Check the snow reports and Tonette's update if she decides to post after me! Also be sure to check out the nice story that was written by Randy Johnson for the Sugar Mountain TDA. Yes, Sugar Mountain is investing in us these days. We had to do SOMETHING to change these weather patterns right? The Sugar Mountain TDA consists of all of the tourism related businesses on the mountain and we're proud to be working with Sugar in this venue.

Check out Randy's story and also some great lodging and travel packages available on Sugar Mountain at:


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That's it for me today.


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