Braced for the Snow Storm and More Resort Openings


As the photo of the day shows, Wintergreen Resort is scheduled to open tomorrow, Saturday, ahead of the storm!

While talking up Wintergreen, here is an awesome opening day video!

What WILL this storm deliver?!?!

There’s a reason why a lot of meteorologists hold out until as late as possible to forecast snowfall from an approaching storm. The answer? Saving from getting egg all over your face. Our own Brad Panovich has been “closer to the vest” than usual, but I’ve been texting back and forth with him today and he WILL be providing this week’s Skier’s Forecast video tonight.

We’ve also been hearing from management and producers at THE WEATHER CHANNEL through the day as they double-checked that they have our permission to use all of the web cameras. (Of course, they do!)

Over the last 24-48 hours we have been seeing forecasts of 15-24″ of snowfall and while those HAVE trended downward just a bit, there is still a lot of confidence that Diego will dump from 15″-20″ across Northwest, North Carolina and significant snow into Virginia and West Virginia as well.

The latest:

Snow develops quickly Saturday night and continues Sunday. The heaviest snow will be midnight Saturday night through the daytime hours on Sunday. We’re expecting 15″-20″ across NW NC. It now appears the event will begin to taper off Sunday night.

Rumors or not so much…

Meteorologist Jim Cantore

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve been hearing from THE WEATHER CHANNEL peeps today and word has it that Jim Cantore was in Asheville earlier today. Our own Brad Panovich texted me that Cantore was looking at heading our way and shortly after that we saw some social media sites rumoring that Cantore was spotted in Boone.

According to Panovich, Cantore’s peeps wanted him in Hendersonville today, and according to his management team at the main office, he was packed and headed there after getting off the air this morning.

Not sure WHY they are even IN WNC today as the storm isn’t expected to hit until Saturday, however, as one person emailed me, “Man you KNOW it is going to be a big storm if Jim Cantore is there ahead of it.

It’s funny, but there’s even a POLL on Twitter right now asking whether or not he will be in Boone, or if he’s afraid of all the snow. Haha! Anyone questioning that, does not know Mr. Cantore. Chances are sometime on Sunday or Monday – wherever he is at – he will have one leg in a drift of snow.

I’ve skied a couple of times with Cantore and Paul Goodloe at both Snowshoe and Wisp Resort up in Maryland. I’ve been in touch and there is some chance of a Cantore sighting at a local ski area near us over the next 2-3 days.

We’ll see…


New Snow Reporters…

With the loss of a couple of CoCoRaHs reporters to relocation and retirement, I have reached out to some contacts at different mountaintops and I’m happy to say that we have picked up three new snow reporters from high atop Sugar Mountain who will be reporting in with snowfall totals per every snow storm. We have one new one already now for Blowing Rock and we are hearing from others that we have reached out to at every mountaintop.

We have great resources in place at most mountains, but there’s no such thing as too many, right?

Canaan Valley News…

Justin does a GREAT job up there, doesn’t he?


That will do it for today. #THINKBIGSNOW!

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