BIG SNOWS HIT THE MOUNTAINS! See how much and where!

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Happy Snowy Saturday to you guys! By the way it is still BOMBING SNOW!

We’re seeing some impressive numbers this morning with widespread snows in the BIG SNOW category. 10" of snow has fallen in the 24 hours at Beech Mountain and 18" in the last three days, Canaan Valley in West Virginia has 9.9", and we’re seeing anywhere from 3" at Snowshoe to 6" or more across the board. As crazy as it seems, the Virginia ski resorts continue to be bypassed from the snowy trends that have dumped 80" at Beech to the south and 92" at Canaan rto the north. The Homestead received 1.5" of snow in the last 24 hours and the rest of the Virginia resorts only saw a TRACE thus far. It’s been that way all season so far as 9" of natural snow has fallen so far on the season at Homestead, while Massanutten and the other ski areas have seen less than that.

Canaan Valley and Timberline lead the way as far as seasonal snows thus far on the season with 92.1" on the season after 9.9" has officially dumped on the Tucker County ski resorts.

We’ve posted all the numbers via the snow report and within this morning’s report.

We have MORE snow in the forecast today with some BLIZZARD/BIG SNOW forecasted by Monday all the way through Thursday so all I can say this morning is:

a) Those preseason forecasters were all wrong baby as we’re seeing some bitterly cold temps and lots of snow.

b) There are some near EPIC conditions to go ride at YOUR favorite ski area. Don’t make the mistake of missing out on these kinds of conditions. Get to the mountains anyway that you can!

We’re headed up to Beech Mountain around 11am or so this morning to do some filming of the fun planned there today. Beech will be hosting their crazy popular bathing beauty contest on the slopes at noon and there some celebs who will be in attendance as well. If you can make it there look us up.

Let’s get to the snow and the rest of the snow report:

We’re going to save some time this morning so that we can go get some filmage up at Beech this morning and simply post the resort and snowfall totals. Check the Snow Report page for slopes open, etc. We’re mixing up the order today, just ’cause we can. 

Beech Mountain – 10" of new snow, 16" in the last 48 hours, 18" in the last 72 hours and now 80.2" on the season! They JUST hit their average full season snowfall total for the year and it is JUST January 8th! Winterfest will be a fun day in the powder!

At noon today is one of the most talked about competitions on the mountain: the Monster Energy Bathing Beauties Downhill Swimwear Competition. With cash prizes for both male and female entrants, each competitor will be judged on beauty, poise and outrageousness! During the competition there will be live music in the View Haus, as well as a live broadcast by DJ Yankey Pete and KISS 95.1, and to wrap it all up, Beech Mountain Resort will hold its traditionally rad Village Rail Jam sponsored by Extreme Sports. This ‘expert only’ Rail Jam kicks off in Beech Tree Village at 4:30 p.m., followed with live music and an awards celebration in the Beech Tree Bar and Grille.

Snowshoe Mountain – 3" of new snow and 5" in the last two days to bring them to 71" on the season. Snowshoe is edging closer to be 100% open and here’s some great comments from our snow loving buddy, Laura Parquette, "Our official snow measurement is 3" of new snow; bringing our two-day total to 5", but boy does it look like a whole lot more snow out there! Yesterday morning offered some terrific early powder turns and this morning should be more of the same. Lower Shay’s Revenge was left ungroomed last night and some nice bumps are starting to form in that area. Grabhammer, Knot Bumper, Skip Jack and Camp 99 have all been holding snow beautifully and are good options this morning for the deepest pow. Snow is expected throughout the day today with several additional inches of accumulation. Over at the Silver Creek area, several slopes make their season debut today. The Flying Eagle lift will be up and running and Bear Claw is now open for some expert skiing and riding at Silver Creek. Snowmaking has begun on Flying Eagle and we hope to have that area 100% open by the upcoming Holiday weekend. Mountaineer remains closed at the Silver Creek area as we eye a large terrain park build early next week. Spruce Glades will be closed for our WV Open slopestyle competition today. We ask that non-competitors stay off the slope. There are great spectator vantage points at the bottom of the slope, entering from Gandy Dancer. Please use caution and stay on skiers left (the right side of the slope when looking up). Spruce Glades will reopen to the public tomorrow with new features including a medium and large jump line and a c-rail. Today is also the conclusion of our college winter break festivities. Anyone 18 years of age or older can join us at 2pm on the Shavers Centre plaza for the start of our on-snow poker run. We’ll be showing a snowboard flick in the Connection nightclub this afternoon at 4p.m.. Everyone is welcome and the bar will be open. Following that is our epic 80s v 90s party at the Connection. Anyone referencing the party and wearing 80s or 90s gear gets in FREE. That fun gets underway at 10pm. Looking for something a little more educational today? At 5pm our expert snowmaking/grooming manager will be hosting an informative seminar about how we make all this snow and keep it looking so good! This 45 minute presentation will give you a behind-the-scenes look at two of most important mountain operations and the science behind it. Join us at the Depot at 5pm!"

Canaan Valley – 9.9" of new snow, 15.4" in the last two days and 92.1" on the season!

Massanutten Resort – Trace of snow and 6" on the season. The ‘Nut has everything open and they made snow but they have a race today on Diamond Jim from 9am til noon!

Wisp Resort – They are reporting 4" of new snow, 9" in the last 48 hours and the official snow reporter atop Wisp mountain reports 75" on the season. Wisp is reporting 84" but they got off track twice earlier in the season and haven’t corrected things since.

Wisp has the Subaru Master the Mountain going on Saturday & Sunday, January 8 & 9th Plus Subaru Text Scavenger Hunt – Today

Ober Gatlinburg – 5" of new snow! and 30" on the season!

Sugar Mountain – 8.6" of new snow! 13.3" in the last 72 hours and 68" on the season. Can anyone say – Sugar is SWEET!

Cataloochee Ski Area – 6" of new snow, 8.2" in the last 72 hours and 49.7" on the season.

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 3" of new snow – 44.2" on the season and everything’s open with sweet powder conditions.

Sapphire Valley – .3" of new snow and 13.4" on the season.

Bryce Resort – trace of new snow and 2" on the season.

The Homestead – 1.5" new snow and 9" on the season.

Wintergreen Resort – trace of new snow and 4" on the season.

Timberline Resort – 9" new snow and 92.1" on the season.

Winterplace Resort – 4" of new snow, 5" in last two days and 45" on the season!

Wolf Ridge Resort – 7.6" of new snow; 11.2" in the last 48 hours; 13.7" in the last three days and 69.7" on the season. Note: I know Wolf is reporting 18" of snow this morning. That’s a little over-stated. We have an official snow reporter who live up on the mountain and he is an official snow reporter for CoCoRaHs as well and upon promise of anonymity he stated, "They get really excited about snow here and unfortunately when they were reporting 8" yesterday it was closer to 4". We have a LOT of snow on the mountain but it is officially closer to 14" which is cool as hell, right?"

That is correct. By the way he shared that Wolf’s season total is 69.7" as well. ***This is why you guys love us.

Email me at [email protected]  and tell me about the snow in your area. Send pics when you can!

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