How high? Like DEFCON 1 HIGH! (most severe)

As the Photo of the Day shows above, Meteorologist Jim Cantore of THE WEATHER CHANNEL is here in Boone and showing off “the Boone Stick” for measuring the approaching snow storm in feet.

By the way, I hope you guys caught David McCue’s post this morning showing some photos from the past snows here. Check out his story here.

Our own, Kenny Griffin was in Virginia and scheduled to go to Pennsylvania yesterday and he was somehow able to talk his wife (Betsy) into allowing him to bypass that and head back home early. Home for TheKenDog is Charlotte, NC. But he was so amped last night he texted me that he wanted to do the FirsTrax this morning and the moment he wrapped that up – he headed this way (Boone, Banner Elk and the High Country.)

You can see Kenny’s FirsTrax here.

We have none other than Jim Cantore of THE WEATHER CHANNEL in Boone today. He’s setup downtown right now and looks to be there for the Boone Christmas Parade that will be happening from noon til 4pm or so.

Jim holding the ‘Boone stick’ to measure what might be FEET of snow! Click to Enlarge!

I’ve texted Cantore this morning and we’ll see what THE WEATHER CHANNEL’S most well-known meteorologist has time for today. By the way, you MIGHT be able to catch a lot of that via the Boone Downtown Webcam.

My daughter, Lauren is parked right across from THE WEATHER CHANNEL’s peeps this morning for the Christmas parade.


The numbers have actually trending up over the last 12 hours to 17-27″ of snow in some spots of the High Country and Western North Carolina. Check out Brad Panovich’s Skier’s Forecast video that was posted last night.

We have official snow spotters dotted around the area and we’ll have some official numbers for Sugar, Beech and over towards Maggie Valley!

Here are some captures from Cantore and company.

Could see 17-27″ of snow in some spots. Click to Enlarge!
Click to Enlarge


Click to Enlarge

Stay tuned for more updates here as the storm closes in.



Tom Banazza shared these great shots at Snowshoe from Friday!

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