Autumn is Making an Appearance at Your Favorite Mountain

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Before I get too deep into this morning’s post, the Photo of the Day up top is another awesome Fall color shot from up at Grandfather Mountain from Skip Sickler. He posted on the Fall Color Guy post:

From Grandfather: Cool, clear days and nights have jump-started fall color in the High Country, as demonstrated by this view of the Blue Ridge Parkway from Grandfather Mountain’s Top Shop. Experts believe his coming weekend could offer peak color in the area’s higher elevations. Photo by Skip Sickler.

Just yesterday morning I was predicting that peak Fall colors around here would hit within 7-10 days. However, there is also no question that the cooler-to-cold temperatures over the last couple of nights have, indeed, started the ‘patchwork paint job’ here in the mountains.

Capture from the Lodges at Eagles Nest Camera this morning. Click to Enlarge

You can’t really see the orange hue in the photo above via the camera, but as I exited Sleepy Hollow this morning I caught myself saying “wow” as the color was much more vibrant overnight.

The Weather Forecast for this Weekend’s Fall Festivals…

Woolly Worm Festival and the Valle Country Fair is this weekend.

The forecast for the last several days was that this Saturday would be a wash-out. Not so much now as we’re meant to see some sunshine around noon-two PM and after on Saturday. That bodes well for festival goers and leaf-gawkers alike.

I will be headed over to the Woolly Worm Festival and I’ll be around filming, flying the drone and enjoying the good eats and fun in general.

Tonight I will head over to the Tweetsie Railroad Ghost Train with some family and friends. It should be a cold evening. I’ll share some footage of those events over the coming days.

SPEAKING OF EVENTS – (decent segue, huh?)

Our crack team of content writers have been in communication with and scanning all of the ski areas of the region for all of their events for the coming season from now through the end of March. You can get all of those events at


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