August 29th Report

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I’m slowing cranking up my plans for the 2018-2019 ski and snowboarding season here on the network of, and

I spent most of the last three hours going through hundreds of LIVE CAMS via my iPhone App that allows me to quickly monitor all of the webcams that we host. I now have it where I should be able to snap HI REZ images straight from the camera, rather than from browsers – which will provide nicer images as the fall colors turn and the snow begins to fall.

I have also been receiving emails from weather peeps out and about – some professionals, some novices (but all appreciated) and it seems that the consensus is something like this:

Everyone likes to hedge their bets, however all are leaning towards a colder and snowier winter than we’ve seen over the last few years.

That bodes well for those of us who want cold temps and snowy conditions to prevail. Beech Mountain saw pretty close to their average of 80″ of natural snow last season, but it’s been since 2012-2013 since there has been significantly more snow that normal. (That year, Beech saw 114.5″)

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d like to see something more like the 2010-2011 season when Beech saw 130.5″ of snow.  Snowshoe saw 173″ last since (a bit below their average of 180″) but it’s been since 2012-2013 since they’ve seen an average snowfall winter. (That year – 189″.) That’s also the most snow they’ve seen since we’ve been tracking natural snowfall for the region. So they too are due for a much snowier-than-average season.

I’ve heard from some of our readers since “knocking on the ‘tapping on the internet mic'” to see if any of you guys were reading. I’ll share a few emails with you tomorrow. For now, this morning was relatively clear except for some patchy fog around Valle Crucis and Boone. Here are some captures. By the way, the lead photo of the day is from the Hibriten Mountain Camera, showing lots of valley fog. Cool huh? That image is coming right off the IP, so it’s about as clear as we can get from a webcam – outside of a 4K camera.

Here are some others from this morning:

Another nice Grandfather shot with fog below

Light fog at Valle Crucis, Willow Valley. Click to Enlarge

So we will go with LIGHT FOG this morning.

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Here is the morning by morning report:

Totals: 20 for 29 (and only sharing the latest dailies)
Aug 29: Light, patchy fog.
Aug 28: Dense fog in some areas, patchy fog in others.
Aug 27: Very foggy this morning. Dense fog.
Aug 26: Pretty foggy. Patchy, but widespread.
Aug 25: Another clear morning in the mountains!
Aug 24: Another clear morning in the mountains!
Aug 23: Really clear morning.
Aug 22: Rainy and wet around the region. Foggy at Snowshoe, but we can’t count that towards our totals for August.

If you want to see more “foggy shares” just click on any of the news stories of late…as some include some nice shots of nature, black bears and more.

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