August 20 Fog Report

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I wish I had the time to break out the drone this morning as there really wasn’t much in the way of fog until I got close to the office and then I could easily tell that while it was clear here at the office in Foscoe, there was a very thick blanket of fog at Hound Ears and Valle Crucis. If I could have flown the drone and gotten up around 300′ or so above that cloud bank, it would have been something like this:

I’ve flown the drone many times where it was a blank white screen until it rose above the fog bank. Click to Enlarge!

Here are some other shares from this morning:

Shot from the foot of Seven Devils towards Grandfather.
Looking towards Hound Ears from Foscoe

So as of this morning, we’ll call it 15 for 20 foggy mornings.

Here is the morning by morning report:

Totals: 15 for 20 (and only sharing the latest dailies)
Aug 20: Heavy fog bank at Hound Ears and Valle Crucis. Patchy elsewhere.
Aug 19: Heavy fog at Beech Mountain
Aug 18: Reports of light fog in the Valle Crucis area, clear in another part of Valle Crucis. Heavy, patchy fog atop Seven Devils.
Aug 17: Another clear day.
Aug 16: A gorgeous, blue sky day in the mountains.
Aug 15: Yet another very foggy morning along Broadstone Road in Valle Crucis.
 Aug 14: Foggiest morning of August thus far. Yep more than Monday.


If you want to see more “foggy shares” just click on any of the news stories of late…as some include some nice shots of nature, black bears and more.

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