August 14 Fog Report

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There seems to be a trend here as most every morning thus far in August there has been some measure of fog hanging around. I have been diligent to only report fogs of “significance”, therefore our own totals so far are 11 for 14 mornings. As I mentioned on Monday – I could really stretch things ever-so-slightly and call it 12 of 14. However, I’m going to hold back on that temptation and stick with the 11 of 14.

Several of our readers are now chiming in with their own tallies. I’ve heard from a few people from over in Mountain City, Tennessee (less than 20 minutes from our office) who have reported 14 of 14 foggy mornings thus far.

One of the more interesting shares I’ve received to date was from Tamara Rousseau who emailed me this morning with her own report from over near Mitchell and Yancey counties in a community called Red Hill – which is near Bakersville, NC. Tamara’s email fooled me for a second (that was her intention) as she wrote:

Hello Mike,

Love your article on the fog in August. In my personal FB I’ve been reporting the fogs also. Today was 14/14! Not looking good for 2018/2019 winter.

Have a great day!
Tamara Rousseau
Fog News Channel

fog news report
The “fog news” logo was backwards…cute.

I receive quite a lot of emails and communications from news media all over the region and I will admit that I first read her email as “Fox News Channel”.

If you go and watch her Facebook video she did that purposely and she makes light of it herself.

Also note that in her email she wrote, “Today was 14/14! Not looking good for 2018/2019 winter.”

Whhhhaaatttt! How dare she! Of course she meant to say that this all bodes very well for a wonderful, cold and snowy winter.

Another reader, Sean Mahoney, from over in Johnson City, Tennessee wrote and emailed this cool photo:


It was crazy foggy in Johnson City this morning. Thick! Also, we were up at Snowshoe a few weeks ago and got a cool pic. The largest lawn mower in the southeast. LOL Snowcats are lawnmowers also!

It was mowing Cupp Run before the Downhill Nationals. 

One of Snowshoe’s groomers was mowing the grass! Click to Enlarge! Photo by Sean Mahoney


I Captured Some Nice Imagery as Well!

In addition to the header photo of this story, here are some extras to share of this morning’s conditions.

grandfather mountain
It is always cool to see how the mountaintops grasp onto any moisture… click to enlarge!
It’s also funny how nornally we would not want to share blurry or foggy photographs and yet this time of year we are “all about it”. Click to Enlarge to see a close up of a bad photo! Ha. This was taken near the foot of Seven Devils on Hwy 105.

More Black Bear Photos to Share…

Our recent shares of black bear photos have prompted some emailed to me. Unfortunately, many were dark or blurry, so I regret not sharing those. However, the following one brought back some great memories for me.

Not sure who took the photo (it could have been Hugh Morton) but this was awesome! (Kids DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)

Sandi Hollis emailed this photo of model Julia Willis with Mildred the Bear (of Grandfather Mountain fame) in 1968. I remember this photo.

Mildred was always known as “the bear that didn’t know she was a bear”. If memory serves me correctly – Mildred used to run wild around the golf course and other scare the daylights out of people, but it was only because she loved “her fellow man”. She was often photographed being petted by children and adults visiting the mountain.

I should add here, that Mildred was not your typical bear. Don’t even THINK about getting close to any bear(s) that you might spot on your visit to the area. Actually feeding bears is not only illegal, but it is very, very dangerous.


So as of this morning, we’ll call it 11 for 14. Scroll below to see additional photos from this morning.

Here is the morning by morning report:

Totals: 11 for 14 (and only sharing the latest dailies)
Aug 14: Foggiest morning of August thus far. Yep more than Monday.
Aug 13: Foggiest morning of August thus far.
Aug 12: Clear around the region except dense fog that settled in the valle.
Aug 11:Very foggy from atop Echota, near Foscoe and Seven Devils
Aug 10:Our Matt Laws said that it was very foggy pretty much for his entire trip in this morning.
Aug 9: Pretty foggy/


If you want to see more “foggy shares” just click on any of the news stories of late…as some include some nice shots of nature, black bears and more.

Email me YOUR “Fog News Channel” reports to [email protected]

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