August 1, 2023 – Pretty Foggy and 1 for 1

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Matt Laws posted a summary of what these foggy morning updates are all about. You can read that here. As I was making my short, morning trek – over the (Watauga) river and through the woods (and covered bridge) from the forest of Sleepy Hollow to the metropolis of Foscoe (where our offices are located) – I was enveloped in a thick blanket of a cloud that touched the ground. That is fog for the uninformed.

The main photo above was snapped in the valley on Covered Bridge Road, exiting my neighborhood this morning. Foggy morning photos are not the clearest, right?

The one below is heading up Hwy 105S this morning around the foot of Seven Devils.

It was foggy August 1, 2023. Click to enlarge.

…and this last one was snapped on my way back down Hwy 105. (I grabbed a breakfast biscuit from Mickey Ds.)

Above the clouds. Click to enlarge.

More than a few readers have emailed us over the years to explain the obvious (to us) that there is no difference between fog and clouds other than altitude. Fog is defined as moisture that begins at a height lower than 50 feet. If it is above 50 feet, it is called a cloud.

So, we’re off to a great start. One morning and one fog. That bodes well…at least usually. According to folklore, the more foggy mornings, the more snow storms in the winter. Of course, that didn’t work out so well during last season’s 2022-2023 snow/ski season. We had 23 foggy mornings during August of 2022, but only 33″ of snow around Beech and Sugar mountain (which normally would see around 80″ of snowfall). Canaan Valley and Timberline saw 62.4″ of snow last season, compared to a normal of closer to 160″ +/-.

However, we can hope. Check back each morning to see how things track all August long.

Until tomorrow. Email me if you like at [email protected]

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