Anthony Clemons Send a Trail Report for Sugar Mountain on January 15, 2008

On Snow

<3-4" of snow on my car!

This is the beginning of one great day…. That was the thought on my mind as I opened the door to my house finding nothing but blustery cold and heavy snow falling over my car covered in a white blanket.

If this was 1750ft, what was Sugar going to look like at 5000ft?

Knowing that it was turning cold, several of my friends and I scheduled this past Tuesday off from work to hit the slopes. Joey and Josh came knocking about 10am, the same time as SkiorDie from the message boards was calling. We packed up our gear, and headed to Sugar in hopes of some powder and few others.

We arrived at Sugar about noon to find the temps hovering around 18degrees and a very heavy snow falling.

<Upon picking up our lift tickets, we moved over to the slopes and saw this giant line…….

We could hardly strap in fast enough and were on the lift in a matter of seconds.

Headed down Tom Terrific, over to Sugar Slalom, and then on to Big Red where we found the most amazing thing. A half foot of fresh and manmade powder, untracked! It was as if the other few people on the slopes didn’t even know Big Red existed. Jumped on the lift there and made first tracks. It was so soft and fluffy that it was as if I was snowboarding on down pillows.

Continued to make run after run after run. Later in the day, we hit up big birch, only to find it untracked as well.

This was without a doubt, the single best day I have had on the slopes in the Southeast since I began boarding. Wrapped up the perfect day with some great chow down at the corner bar in Banner Elk. A great day with some great friends and some great pow.

Sorry for the lack of photos, but we were having so much fun with the conditions, I just couldn’t bare to stop and take time out of the day!!!

– Anthony Clemons

To see many of the better image full sized, click here> Sugar Mountain Ski Photos!

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