…and it’s Over Until October or November.

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The 2014-2015 ski and snowboarding season for the Southeast and mid-Atlantic ski resorts came to an official end on Sunday, April 5th as Snowshoe Mountain ended it’s long run at 4:30pm and Appalachian Ski Mountain ceased ski and snowboarding ops for the season at 6pm, Easter Sunday.

From all indications it was an exceptional season in terms of skier visits and that is despite the fact that most of the resorts in the region fell short of their NORMAL, annual natural snowfall totals. This past winter was a roller-coaster one in terms of weather. November was as good as it gets, then December was a strange one in that the important Christmas to New Year’s period was borderline. Once we got into mid-January things took off and lots of cold and snow made things pretty awesome the rest of the way.

We really never had the usual January thaw and in fact there’s still a lot of snow on the mountains of the region as of this last post of the season.

Enjoy your Spring and Summer and if you’re reading this post – check out www.ResortCams.com to keep an eye on your favorite mountain community. There’s a bunch of beach and lake cams in there as well!

Until NEXT season…

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