Monday First Trax: An Abrupt Change

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Today’s featured image is from App Ski Mountain.

Holy crap on a cracker – things escalated quickly.

When I finished Friday’s First Trax, I knew things were really fluid, but I never imagined how fast and furious the weekend closing announcements related to COVID-19 would come.

You can catch up on what was a whirlwind weekend by checking out Mike’s Saturday updates (here and here) as well as yesterday’s update (here).

We went from up to seven resorts having lifts spinning this morning to just as Appalachian and Sugar are open today for play.

It is just another chapter in what an extremely odd season it has been.

Today, however, will be the last day of the season for Appalachian as they are playing on a groomed surface with nine slopes and five lifts operating. They have a 28-32” base.

The mountain operation guys have set-up a great park set-up today as Appal Jack has the Og rail, juice box, trap rail, down goal post lift tower with a transition, large down lift tower, rainbow box, rainbow shotgun and down skinny box.

Appal Jam has one large jump, one medium jump, and one small jump, while Candied Appal has a wallride and a whale tail with a propane tank and transition.

That will be a lot of fun to play on.

One quick note – if you have purchased a ticket for the coming week in advance, you can contact the resorts for a full refund.

Sugar Mountain is playing on 14 trails and five lifts operating. They are sporting a loose and frozen granular surface with a 31-80” base.

They are also offering six tubing sessions today.

Currently, Sugar is planning on suspending operations at 4:30p on Tuesday, March 17.

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