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WOW, what a great day to be a Southeast skier or rider!  The winter weather is back and none too soon.  I love days like this, beyond the obvious, because this post just seems to write itself.  Where to start…

How about with the fact that Snowshoe has received just shy of a foot of snow in theSnowmaking returns to the Southeast past 72 hours – which brings their season total to 29 inches for all of you playing along at home.  Snowshoe is looking very pretty this morning but if you’re heading out be sure to layer up.  It was 8 degrees when I updated the snow report and the wind was starting to picking up.

Beech Mountain has rallied in a big way (don’t call it a comeback) and opened up 4 additional runs for us to enjoy today.  As you may recall, they were down to 1 run yesterday, Freestyle.  Beech received about 1” of natural snow in the past 24 hours and was able to add 2” more with their guns.  A feast for all of the senses…

Beech Mountain in the morning
Beech Mountain this morning

Appalachian Ski Mountain, which has one of the best setups around for snow making, added about 4” to their base, in addition to a bit of natural.  App has reopened the AppalJack park and looks to have just great conditions.

Appalachian Ski Mountain
Appalachian Ski Mountain

Sugar Mountain is reporting about 0.5” of natural snow and 2” from their guns with a Manmade Powder surface this morning.  They were able to open 2 additional runs for us today – Big Birch and Tiny Tim.

The love just keeps on coming.  Bryce and Wisp each received about 3” of natural snow in the past few days in addition to their guns firing when able.  Winterplace received about 1” of the natural and will probably be making snow all day.  They will be looking real pretty for reopening this weekend.

Winterplace Resort

The colder temps and natural snow came at a perfect time.  The resorts have a bunch of stuff planned for us this weekend.  I mentioned most of these yesterday and I probably will again tomorrow – it bears repeating.  Sugar Mountain is having SugarFest this weekend.  This is always a good time and I will be there on Friday to let you know how it's starting out.  Cataloochee is having their Cat Cage Rail Jam tomorrow night (FREE entry), and their first ever ski and snowboard swap starting Saturday morning.  Snowshoe is having their Demo Days this weekend and Picnic in the Park Rail Jam on Saturday.

There are going to be clear skies out there today with highs predicted from the high 20’s as Wisp to 50 at Cataloochee.  The mountains will no doubt keep their guns on as long as they can today, and those that do shut down will only be giving them a short break.  The cold temps will return tonight!

Great conditions are returning to the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic resorts.  Go out and enjoy them!

Tim Bahlke
Drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you think or with suggestions on what we could be doing better.


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