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This is about our 10th update today and after all is said and done…it is quite possible that we will wake up tomorrow morning (Sunday) and many areas will not even know that it snowed in the mountains of North Carolina. We’ll have to wait and see for areas north into Virginia and West Virginia.

Snow Totals – We received a lot of emails (some 1100+) and as close as I can tell you guys…most agree that the High Country area of North Carolina received from about 4" – 5" of snow…but rain killed most of it by late evening and it’s raining right now.

(27) people reported about 3.5" of snow for Sugar Mountain…(I can not WAIT to see what Sugar Mountain reports in the AM)…although ONE reporter did claim 4-5". We’ll probably go with 4" which is about what we saw at 3pm when we were out and about Banner Elk and Sugar Mountain.

We had about that at my home in Sleepy Hollow near Seven Devils and others reported in with totals from 1" around Vilas to 6" out towards Linville.

Cruel – Cruel Joke – This season has been one frustrating one thus far. Okay…conditions at the resorts will be GREAT on Sunday…but what looked like a real good chance of 8-12" of snow…turned in to a frustrating 4" or so AT MOST around the upper elevations.

We’ll await reports from Western NC areas and Virginia and West Virginia in the AM.

As late as 3pm, Ray Russell was reporting that we were going through a LULL in the system…and that we’d STILL see 5-8 inches of snow overnight and that fizzled out as now we are seeing light rain that MIGHT change back to snow (after it’s nearly wiped out the 4" inches that we had) and we MIGHT see 1" after midnight tonight.

Looking at things on the bright side…we DID end up getting about what Brad Panovich was calling for as late as yesterday. I suppose this system fooled them all!

Let’s look for great conditions on Sunday and we’ll update you guys then!

THINK SNOW! – Maybe next weekend’s storm will come to fruition.

Quick Note: We’re not sure but if any of you emailed us reports, questions or photos since yesterday we did not seem to get them. Our email server seemed to have glitched out on us yesterday. IF YOU HAVE SENT US REPORTS OR PHOTOS OF LATE — Please SEND THEM AGAIN — and if you have sent us emails of late and we have not answered…drop me a line at: [email protected] as I’d like to know.

Feel free to write me at: [email protected]

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It’s 9:45am Saturday and snow is falling – About 1" or so of snow is shown here at the TOP on the BIG RED Lift at Sugar Mountain.
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