Ah…This is More Like It! Cold Temps and Snow Falling in the Mountains.

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Some Natural Snowfall Reported Overnight and This Morning – See Where

There is lots to share today and Sundays are my day to ramble, so expect no organization of thought…but hopefully I can put a smile on your face and some joy in the hearts of all snow-loving souls out there in “SkiSoutheast land”.

It is December 18th, 2022. Just seven days until Christmas. Just a few days away from when so many head to the mountains to enjoy some skiing, snowboarding and Holiday fun. Tens of thousands of fortunate, snow-loving souls invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to pack up and head to a ski resort around December 26th each year. While some time their ski & snowboarding getaways a day or so earlier, the majority circle December 26th as the day to arrive at their favorite ski hill for the Holidays.

The week between Christmas and New Years Day accounts for a huge percentage of the skier visits for the entire season. So the GREAT news is that the forecast is looking colder and snowier.  2″-3″ of snow fell over night at Wisp Resort, Canaan Valley & Timberline…and 1″ fell at Snowshoe Mountain. (We even saw a dusting of snow at Beech Mountain overnight.)

More importantly, temperatures are very cold this morning, allowing every ski area in the region to bomb the slopes with manmade snow. More about the temps in a moment.

Photo of the Day…Maybe Photos of the Day

I bet SkiPink (Frances Miller) was smiling behind that face gear at Cataloochee on Saturday! Click to Enlarge!

The POD up top is of the crew at Canaan Valley Resort, who all had a part in making their opening day a great success. That looked like a happy bunch! (You guys know I can’t pass up photos with smiling faces!)

The colorful lady to the left is longtime friend and messageboard queen, SkiPink, otherwise known as Frances Miller. Pink posted a nice trip report that she and Keith enjoyed while at Cataloochee Ski Area on Saturday.

Check out the full Trip Report right here> at Pink at Cataloochee

Speaking of the Messageboard, I will admit that with Facebook, Twitter and the increasing popularity of the website in general – the messageboard has kind of become an afterthought. I did just have a look around and see that there is light, but regular traffic going on with various posts every few days. Man there was a time when that place was smoking.

I just ran across this archived post from David McConnell back on February 17, 2005 when he posted an invitation for what was to be the first ever, first annual, SKINC (not SkiSoutheast) SUMMIT at Hawksnest. Check out the full post here.

Those were the early days. I kind of miss TeleDave, Axis X, Afrobigfoot, Snowbird, Blacky and all of the other OGs. Time passed and technology mutates, and we all grow a year older each time the Earth travels around the Sun. But those were some sweet times.

A 2023 SkiSoutheast Summit?

Messageboard member “SoulRider” inquired a few days ago with this post, “Hi! I’ve been to 3 summits in the past and I am looking forward to going to another. Are there plans for a 2023 summit at Snowshoe?”

I really hadn’t thought about it. Covid reared it’s ugly head WHILE we were AT the 2020 SkiSoutheast Summit. That was the 13th Annual Edition of the event. We’ve kind of just been busy with “life” and haven’t explored the idea. No promises, just yet, but let me see what we might be able to scrounge up. All of the resorts have been so packed over the last couple of years, arranging one of these things was a bit of a challenge, but we’ll see what we can come up with.

If you think you’d be interested…drop me a quick email and let me know. [email protected] Feel free to make suggestions as well.

Another share by Kristin Skeweris up at Wisp Report where 3″ of snow fell since yesterday. Click to Enlarge!

More Reader Photos & Other News

As I did my morning, virtual tour around the LIVE cams this morning I was able to see a bit of snow still falling at Canaan Valley Resort and at Wisp Resort.

Live Cam at Wisp

Live & Snowing at Canaan Valley

You can also see Beech Mountain Parkway with a nice, dusting of snow on the ground and roads.

Another very nice thing to witness this morning was the fact that for the FIRST TIME this season, every single ski area was making snow. We’ve had too many scenarios thus far this season where one or more of the resorts just didn’t get the cold temperatures needed to make snow. However, this morning I am seeing plenty of temps in the low 20s and colder.

I don’t know what it is, but for me there is something special about getting up early and seeing snow groomers out prepping the trails with corduroy in the morning. Our talented resort “snow-farmers” get out early and often to push all of that new, manmade snow around and then they lay down some sweet cord for those of you who are blessed to be able to get on a ski hill just afterwards.

Temperatures this morning (and snowfall, where seen):

15° Snowshoe Mountain 1″ of new snow
15.9° Cataloochee Ski Area
17° Beech Mountain Resort – Trace of snow
17° Sugar Mountain Resort
19° Canaan Valley Resort – 2″ of snow has fallen over the last three mornings
19° Timberline Mountain – ditto Canaan Valley
22° Appalachian Ski Mountain
22° Wisp Resort
23° Wintergreen Resort
24° Sapphire Valley – 2″ of new snowfall
24° Winterplace Resort
25° Massanutten Resort
25° Omni Homestead Resort
27° Ober Mountain
29° Wolf Ridge Resort
30° Bryce Resort

and the temperatures are JUST going to get colder baby! All of this is just in time for all of the ski areas to make a ton more snow. With that and some chances at natural snowfall, look for most of the trails to be open at many of the ski mountains.

Courtesy of The Weather Channel

…and you’re Saying There’s a Chance of SNOW?!?!?

Our own Brad Panovich will chime in soon I’m sure, but the pattern looks to be holding up to bring a bit of natural snow to the region.


Snowshoe Mountain picked up an inch of snowfall and along with snowmaking was able to open up more terrain…now with 25 trails available and more is on the way! Watch for Logslide and Widowmaker to open in the next day or two, followed by the Western Territory later in the week. Snowmaking may be in progress on some open terrain today. Robertson’s Run is open at Silver Creek as a ski trail without features for now.

Snowshoe posted this sweet video showing focused snowmaking on the Western Territory!

The Coca-Cola Tubing Park is now open at Silver Creek and sessions are filling up fast! Book your tickets in advance to ensure availability.

Sugar Mountain Resort – I was watching groomers working on Oma’s Meadow this morning. That is the old, Big Red trail and lift that makes it ski in / ski out for Sugar Ski & Country Club guests. I suspected since they were grooming that they might be opening the new lift and trail – and indeed they are. Oma’s Meadow is open today.

Sugar was grooming Oma’s early and they did indeed get it open today! Click to Enlarge

Appalachian Ski Mountain will be offering 1/2 price Skiing and Snowboarding on Christmas Day! The slopes will be open from 1 to 10 p.m. Saturday, December 25. The day will serve as a fundraiser for Appalachian Ski Mtn’s ski patrol. There IS a caviat. Customers who purchase their tickets online before midnight on Dec. 24 will receive a 50 percent discount!

Canaan Valley Resort Snowmaking plan:
There is snow in the forecast along with very cold temperatures, which is favorable for our snowmaking efforts. Right now, our mountain ops are focused on continued snowmaking for Timber Trail and Lower Timber Trail, followed by planned efforts on Upper Canaan Curve, Chute, Valley Vista, and Face. In the meantime, stay tuned for more snowmaking updates in the future.

Canaan Valley was grooming this morning! Click to Enlarge

Cataloochee Ski Area – they laid the wood to the mountain in the last 24 hours with great snowmaking as they added 10″ to the base depths AND they have opened Upper Omigosh. Half of the mountain is now open as 9 of 18 trails are available.

One of the few, clear shots this morning was at Cataloochee’s Hemphill cam.
I had to share this photo of Pink & Keith from Cataloochee on Saturday. Check out the old school SKINC sticker! Click to Enlarge.

The photo to the right is of SkiPink and Keith while at Cataloochee on Saturday. Check out the old-school, SkiNC sticker on her helmet. As I shared earlier, she is the undisputed queen of the messageboard.

Speaking of Cataloochee, I know our own Brian Dix is making some turns there on Monday. Look him up if you’re out there tomorrow.

I will personally be making some turns at Sugar, App and/or Beech this week to tune up for a weeklong trip to Timberline Mountain over the Christmas to New Year break.

Look me up as well and say hi. Email me below and let me know you’ll be around as I love to make some turns.

Feel free to email me: [email protected] Also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.

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