A Little Light Snow to Start November

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When I hopped over to Resortcams this morning, I saw a sight we love to see – snow.

The West Virginia resorts and Wisp are seeing some light snowfall this morning with it being heavier in some locations, while Snowshoe has a manmade blizzard this morning with snowmaking in full effect.

The first measurable snow of the season goes to Canaan Valley and Timberline picked up around .3” and Snowshoe is right at that mark as well.

It isn’t a lot, but we will certainly take it as it sets the mood for the season. Any snow is good snow, right?

The Boathouse camera at Snowshoe shows snowmaking at full blast this morning.

The Mountain OP guys over at 4848’ ended October in style and open November in a big way with snowmaking off and on over the weekend.

This morning, it looks like a manmade blizzard across the mountain.
From the cameras, it does look like Snowshoe was the only one to crank up snowmaking operations over the weekend.

Wintergreen looks like they may be testing some of the snowmaking equipment near the tubing area this morning, but we will keep an eye out to see if is the start of cranking up operations.

With a warmer forecast – especially in the southern part of the region – this week, resorts may wait a bit before they start their snowmaking for 2020-21.

Snowmaking windows after tonight look to be tough to find over the next week or so, but long-term forecasts do change so we will definitely keep you updated.

That does it for today but until next time, #ThinkSnow!

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