A Little Bit of Snow To Talk About This Morning

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The picture above is from Wintergreen the other day.  Just thought I’d get that out there!

Well, it didn’t snow quite as much as we’d have liked it to but there is some snow to talk about this morning nonetheless.  Below are the totals as of this morning.  Some of them, mainly the dusting or trace reports, are me looking at a combo of webcams and CoCoRaHS and basing it off of that.  I had to do it this way as some of the closed ski areas, and even a couple of open ones, aren’t reporting anything.

Appalachian Ski Mountain: Trace
Beech Mountain Resort: 1″
Cataloochee Ski Area: Dusting
Sugar Mountain: 1″

Canaan Valley: 0.7″
Snowshoe Mountain: 2″
Timberline: 0.7″
Winterplace: Dusting

Ober Gatlinburg: Trace

Wisp Resort: Dusting

Some light snow showers and flurries are expected to continue here in NC this morning, but for the most part it’s over.  Up into West Virginia it’s a different story though.  The NWS forecast for Snowshoe, Canaan, and Timberline is calling for another 1-3″ today, with snow showers continuing tomorrow.  I”m looking at the Shaver’s Centre cam at Snowshoe right now, and it’s coming down pretty good.  I’m seeing some fat flakes.


Wherever you go today, make sure to bundle up.  It’s pretty windy and visibility is low.  Combine those things with ongoing snowmaking and you’ll want to make sure you are layered up properly.

With the snow and cold, there’s comes some additional trail openings today.  Snowshoe bumped their count up to 16 today.  I suspect that will continue to increase over the next few days.  Sugar is back up to 10 trails today.  Finally, Cataloochee  is up to 10 trails today and more importantly, they are open to the top.  Awesome!

We’ll have a lot more trail openings to talk about in the coming days as Bryce, Massanutten, Wintergreen, Canaan, Timberline, and Winterplace all open either Friday or Saturday.  I’ll get together a list of exact dates as well as some of the events that are happening this weekend and share that with you guys tomorrow.  With the natty snow and snowmaking all week, we should have some fantastic conditions this weekend.  Can’t. Wait. To. Ride. Saturday.

Just an FYI before I go, we still have that big announcement to talk about.  I’m hoping we can get it out ASAP, so stay tuned.

Until tomorrow.


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