2017 Closing Scenes from Around the Region…

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Here are some “shareables” this afternoon – the last day of 2017.

Tom Wagner and his family share conditions at Winterplace:

Snowshoe is REALLY creating some HUGE whales…as if all the natural snow isn’t enough!

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Another couple of snowy GoPro shots at Snowshoe…

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge I tested my new GoPro 6 at 60fps…
Awesome top to bottom of Skipjack

Top to Bottom on Camp 99

See you guys next year!

Some people have emailed me asking why we only share content from a core number of ski areas. The answer is simple. Information IN is information OUT. With so many options to post and share content available to every resort, we’d certainly love to see every ski area providing regular updates in the form of photos, videos, events, news, etc. Unfortunately, only about eight of the 16 resorts post content regularly to social media or even their own websites. (We’re still working on them 😉

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