1861 Farmhouse & Winery Offers Dining in a 151 Year Old Farmhouse


Seldom am I surprised anymore. Those of us who call the High Country home are used to an abundance of unique, eclectic – not to mention delectable dining establishments. However, it isn’t every day that you can say that you had one of the more memorable and delicious meals in an old farmhouse that is more than 150 years old.

That is now available to visitors and locals alike – in pristine, peaceful Valle Crucis, North Carolina. Alison Garrett, who has long been a realtor in the region, and Steve, who is a pilot for FedEx, set out on a venture that is now delivering a unique dining experience in the area.

Valle Crucis is probably the High Country’s sleepiest and most inviting community, long famous for it’s historic buildings such as the Original Mast General Store, located in the heart of the valley community.

The old farmhouse that is located nearly across from the Mast Store is one of the earliest homes built in the Valle, the original structure of this magnificent house was completed in 1861 – the year The Civil War began! It was built by hand. Back in 1872 the house was widely-known to welcome travelers who could secure room and board for 25 cents a night. The house became so popular that it was listed in the North Carolina Business Directory as a "hotel."

It remained the residence of the Taylor Family until 1988 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.

The property is now known as 1861 Farmhouse & Winery. Steve and Alison admit that the complete vision is still a work in progress as far as the winery operation is concerned, however if you’re desiring something out of the ordinary for lunch or dinner, you’ll want to make this a MUST dine option!


Their menu is too large to cover in this report, however among the choices from their lunch menu are delicious soups like their Farmhouse Chili or Chef Randy’s Chicken & Wild Rice Soup with carrots and mushrooms!

They offer a great, Farmhouse Burger, a Turkey BLT, and a Classic Reuben than I hear is among the best in the area. Kids will love the hotdogs and "Will’s Grilled Cheese".

If you’re up for something a little more filling, then you can create your own sandwich with an assortment of meats and cheeses to choose from.

They do offer a children’s menu and great pasta dishes and just about everything on the lunch menu is offered at $8.99 or less!

Dinner’s at 1861 Farmhouse & Winery are special with great appetizers like the Crab Portobello which features piled high jumbo portobello piled high with Lump and Claw Blue Shelled Crab Meat! They offer Fresh, North Carolina Rainbow Trout, Fresh Angus Filet Mignon as well as Ribeyes, Lasagna and more!

1861 Farmhouse also does a Sunday Brunch.

Of course WINE is a priority and they offer a wonderful House Wine, as well as a North Carolina Chardinnay called "Dutch Creek". If you’re into Merlots then try the "Boulder Shadow" which is a pure North Carolina Merlot that is smooth and delivers a hint of cherries, plums and raspberries! Other wines are offered as well.

As Alison and Steve say, "Come for a delicious meal…and you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience."

Their winter schedule is:

Lunch: Friday – Sunday
Dinner: Friday & Saturday
Sunday "Magnolia" Brunch
Reservations: 828-963-6301

Dinner is served on Friday and Saturday evenings beginning at 5:30, when the Farmhouse goes very gourmet.

Please call ahead to make reservations for dinner. We also suggest that you make reservations for Sunday Brunch. And, if your lunch party is 6 or more, reservations are a good idea then too. We want to have a great table ready for you! We hope that you’re soon enjoying a long-standing Valle Crucis tradition: Southern Hospitality!

Visit www.1861Farmhouse.com  or visit them for lunch or dinner at 3608 Broadstone Road, Valle Crucis, NC 28691 828-963-6301

Email me your comments, thoughts, photos, vids or anything else you like at [email protected]

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