We Invite Our Visitors to Join Us in the Messageboard – Dave’s Place???

We want to invite all of our visitors to check out the new SkiSoutheast / SkiNC.com Messageboard! We have added a graphic link located in the right side column of the front page to get you there quicker. We now have more than 926 members of which about a third of them (308) are active, meaning that they’ve posted in the last few days.

We’re thinking about coming up with a name for the messageboard since it has become as popular as it has. We’ve had several people email us that we should call it "The Lounge", but we’re kind of leaning toward’s "Dave’s Place" since TeleDave has long been "The Don" of the forum.  However, "SkiCop" is one of our mods and he’s the messageboard’s top poster with 12,080 posts since joining in December of 2005! ("TeleDave" has 8248 posts…but they are almost always pretty pointed.  He has a reputation to uphold, you know.)  Another member, "SkiSC" (where they don’t have ski resorts) is third with 7211 posts.  However, "SkiCop’s Place, or "SkiSC’s Place" just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  We’ll have to think about it.  If you have some suggestions, drop us an email at: [email protected] .

<Click here to visit the messageboard, the Ski Lounge, or "Dave’s Place"

The messageboard is a great place to check out questions and answers to many of the frequent questions that new visitors ask. It’s also a great spot to view trip reports from our members. They share a wealth of photos and videos (only some of which make it on the front page of the site).

We have a SkiSoutheast / Snowshoe Mountain Summit already planned for early March, 2009 (check that out and make plans to attend) and we’re working on plans to two other ski areas to host Summits at those resorts during the coming season!

So click over and join today…and be sure to post. The messageboard is a great place to meet fellow snow lovers and MANY of the members have met up and made trips throughout the Southeast and Western Resorts.

Check it out…

Send your photos, videos, trip reports and comments to: [email protected]  



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