Tammy Brown of Cataloochee Shares Some Smiles today!

As mentioned earlier, we are in catchup mode, and we wanted to share these funny comments that Tammy Brown of Cataloochee sent us a couple of weeks ago:

She was responding to one of our stories where we admonished people for calling the art of snowmaking, “blowing snow”. She wrote, “The wind blows snow…we make it.” She added, “Tony Waddell – as Joe Miller called him once, the "Godfather of Southern Snowmaking" corrected me long ago and I never forgot it.”

Tammy also shared this cute description of the difference between God made and man made snow, “The only difference between our snow and the stuff that falls out of the sky is that we don’t make it in the road.”

Ms. Brown was on a roll – she shared this bit of marketing information that all of the Southeast resorts share, “Our favorite Cataloochee snowfall? 1/2 inch in Atlanta on a Wednesday!”

That is cute…but accurate. We love it when the flatlanders of Atlanta, Charlotte, etc get a little fever-creating snowfall!

Tammy also shared a cute quote from Alice Aumen, whose father started Cataloochee back in 1961. He once described a “BAD ‘SPELL’ of Weather” as w-e-t-h-e-r!

Thanks Tammy! Maybe we can turn some of those frustrated frowns upside down. THINK SNOW!…and COLD!


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