Tammi Snesnic Shares a Snowshoe Trail Report from December 4, 2007

This is my first time posting so go easy on me! I will be at the shoe several times a month and will send reports often and most of the time I will include photos too, but I noticed you guys have more people sending photos this year from SS than ever before!  Great job on the site by the way.  I comes from Colorado and there’s not even anything like this web page out there.  Super!

Anyway, the day on the hill was too good to be an early December day! People were saying that we’d gotten 15" of snow and I don’t know but it was one ‘powderful’ day with a lot less wind than Monday. Cutting trails through powder like this is something that I did not think I’d be doing a bunch on this side of the Mississippi but I am telling you that the snow was terrific!

With more snow in the offing for Wednesday you’d better hit it soon!

Editor’s Note: I’m heading that way Thursday! See you on the hill