Southeast & Mid-Atlantic Ski Resort Lift Ticket and Season Pass Rates

Most of the resorts have published their 2013/14 ticket and season pass prices so I figured I’d provide a bit of a summary of what you can expect this year.  But before we get to that I wanted to make a comment or two on the lift ticket picture.

Wife's Snowshoe Lift TicketThis is the lift ticket from my wife’s first trip up to Snowshoe in 2006.  I have saved it for her on her jacket so she could look at it and fondly remember the cool air, the view, the snow, the turns, the bruises…  I imagined that she would treasure this ticket as she treasures other memorial occasions we’ve shared together, like our wedding and our son’s first day of kindergarten. 

But alas, this was not to be the case.  I have a confession to make to everyone here and now.  Let me first start by saying that I have the best wife in the world and I’m the luckiest guy alive to have her – but she does not ski, in fact she really just doesn’t care for it at all.  Of course I knew this before we married, but much like her campaign to rid me of my multicolor rugby shirts, I saw it as a project and something I could change. 

Now I’m sharing this because some of you may be in the same boat as me, and if you are you know it hurts me to type these words.  I share this with you not looking for your pity but instead to start the foundation for a, “my spouse does not ski” support group. 

I’ll go first – Hello, my name is Tim and my spouse does not ski.

OK enough of that (thank you for allowing me to get that off my chest), let’s get to it.

The resorts are starting to ramp up for the season.  If you haven’t visited the resort sites recently, both Snowshoe and Beech have switched over to their winter sites and Sugar Mountain Help Wantedjust about all are starting to talk about the upcoming season.  Sugar, while they have not really switched the site over to winter yet, has posted their annual help wanted ad in the local classifieds and is hosting a job fair on October 26th from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM.  Wisp is having their job fair on November 16.  Just about all of the others have links on their sites for job opening.

Cataloochee has announced on their site that they will open any time after November 1, while Appalachian Ski Mountain and Snowshoe are targeting more traditional start dates – November 22 for App and November 27 for Snowshoe – weather permitting of Boone, NC Weathercourse.  And to that point, the North Carolina High Country awoke to a chilly morning on Wednesday – 35 degrees.  Now that my friends is skiing weather right there – let’s hope this is a good sign of things to come!

On to the 2013/14 lift ticket prices.


Wisp Resort
Season passes start at $299 for students, $379 for off peak (weekend days and non-holidays), $599 for unlimited, and $349 for seniors.

Weekday lift tickets are $39 for adults and Juniors (6-12) for extended day, morning, twilight, and afternoon, $29 for the night session, and $78 for a 2 day pass.

A full day ticket on a non-holiday weekend is $45 for juniors and $69 for adults with a 2-day weekend pass at $79 for juniors and $99 for adults.  Add another $10 per daily ticket for the holidays.

Visit Wisp’s site for a complete listing.

West Virginia


A season pass at Snowshoe will cost you $349 for a limited pass and $448 for unlimited.  Military folks (thank you!) can get a pass for $199.

Single day value tickets (opening day – December 21) start at $49 for juniors, $52 for students, and $59 for adults.  Midweek standard tickets are $66 for juniors, $70 for students, and $79 for adults.  Tack on about $4 per ticket for weekend. You'll pay $74 for juniors, $79 for students, and $89 for adults to ski during the holiday period.

Click here for a more detailed breakdown.


A season pass at Timberline is $215 for children (6-12), $325 for teens (13-18), $445 for college students, $635 for adults, and $335 for seniors.  A season pass for children 5 and under and seniors 70 and over is only $49.

I spoke with Timberline and they have not officially published their pricing yet, but it sounds like the week and weekend rates will increase by $2 and $4 for holiday.


Winterplace still has a discount on their season passes.  20% off ‘til October 15 which takes the price down to $319.20 for juniors and $479.20 for adults for unlimited.  October 16 – November 15 they are offering a 10% discount – $359.10 for juniors and $539.10 for adults.  After that full prices go into effect which pushes the price up to $399 for juniors and $599 for adults.

An all-day (open – 10pm) weekday ticket goes for $32 for the kids and $48 for the adults while the weekend will cost you $48 for juniors and $64 for adults.

Check out their full prices here.

Canaan Valley (Update – thanks Ryan Workman)

Canaan's season pass discount goes through the end of November and you can get an adult individual pass for $425.  It goes up to $500 after that.  Click her for Canaan's Season Pass order form.


Bryce Report

I spoke with Bryce and they have not determined what a season pass will go for this year.

A full weekday lift ticket will cost $37 for juniors, seniors, and military, and $40 for adults.  Weekend and holiday full day tickets are $40 for juniors, seniors, and military, and $62 for adults.

You can check out their complete pricing here.

The Homestead

A season pass for the Homestead is $189 and $599 for a family of 4 – easy enough.

A weekday ticket for resort guests is $25 for children and $35 for adults.  Weekend tickets for resort guests are $35 for children and $45 for adults, while the holidays go for $45 for children and $59 for adults.  Add $4 to the above ticket prices if are not staying at the resort.

Here’s a PDF with complete details.


An unlimited season pass for students is $375 and $450 for adults.  If you purchase the pass before the end of business on December 2 you can take 10% off those prices.

A full weekday ticket is going for $40 for juniors, seniors, and military and $46 for the adults.  Weekend and holiday rates are $58 for junior, seniors, and military and $68 for adults.

Here’s the complete rundown.


Season passes are on sale until November 11 which means you can get a student pass for $209 and an adult for $309.  After that, the prices jump $50 to $259 for a student and $359 for the adults.  They do have a family pass for $729 for the early bird special and $799 after November 11.

A full weekday pass is $42 for juniors and seniors, and $52 for adults.  Weekend and holiday passes are $57 for juniors and seniors, and $74 for adults.

You can see the complete pricing here.

North Carolina

Appalachian Ski Mountain

An individual season pass purchased before October 15 goes for $350 for junior and seniors, $395 for students, and $455 for adults.  After October 15 the prices are $375 for juniors, $420 for students, and $480 for adults.

Full weekday lift tickets start at $28 for juniors and seniors, $29 for students, and $37 for adults.  Weekend and holiday tickets will cost you $40 for junior and seniors, $56 for students and adults.

You can check out the complete matrix here.


An unlimited season pass purchased before November goes for $600 and increases to $650 starting on November 1st.  There are family discounts and a limited pass option as well for Sunday-Friday that is $500 before November and then $550.

Single full weekday non-holiday tickets start at $27 for juniors and $39 for adults.  You’ll see a bump in weekend and holiday tickets to $45 for juniors and $59 for the adults.

You can check out their full listing here.

Beech Mountain

Beech Mountain still has season passes available for $375.  This is their Super Saver rate.  I’ve been told that this rate will continue to about Monday and after that it's $425 for junior, seniors, and students and $500 for adults.

Full weekday tickets are $30 for juniors and seniors, and $35 for adults (I don’t think you can beat these rates with a stick) with full day weekend and holiday tickets at $43 for juniors and seniors and $63 for adults.

You can check out Beech’s complete ticket pricing here.

Sugar Mountain

The early bird discount period has ended for season passes so it will cost you $720 for single adult.  There are family discounts available.

A full weekday ticket starts at $32 for children 11 and under and $41 for the adults.  Weekend and holiday full day tickets go for $45 for the kids and $68 for the adults (just slightly over Beech’s rates).

You can check out all the options here.

Wolf Ridge

An Unlimited season pass at the Wolf if purchased by November 15 starts at $295 for students 5-12, $325 for 13-18, and $365 for college.  A single adult unlimited pass purchased before November 15 is $395.  After November 15 the prices jump about $200 in each category.

A full weekday pass will cost $24 for kids 5-8, $34 for students 9-18, and $39 for adults.  Holiday and weekend rates are $34 for the kids, $49 for the students, and $54 for the adults.  Seniors 65 and over ski for free!

You can check out their complete listing here.

Ski Sapphire

I spoke with the folks at Sapphire this morning and they just had a meeting to discuss pricing for the upcoming season.  They have not narrowed it down yet but think they’ll have something to share with us next week.  I’ll let you know more as I do.


Ober Gatlinburg

A season pass at Ober is going for $274 before November 16 and $324 after.

A full weekday lift ticket is $30 for juniors and seniors, and $36 for adults.  The same ticket on a weekend or holiday will go for $55 for juniors and seniors and $65 for the adults

Visit their site for the full matrix.

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