Something to Get the Juices Flowing…

It’s December 1st, 2015. Twenty-four days til Christmas and all that we ALL want for Christmas is some cold air and some snow, right? Heck, if we had to we’d even sacrifice the snow and just take some everyday-consistent cold temps.

Meteorologist Brad Panavich provided his latest skier’s forecast and obviously right now, it’s more of a traditional weather forecast since there’s no skiing or snowboarding happening across the region.

We’ve been talking about how much snow has fallen in the Colorado mountains during the month of November and as late as yesterday they received another 8″ of so of new snow. I guess that really got our David McCue stoked so much so that he texted me that he made a last minute plan to head to Colorado’s powder for some adventure. He’s on standby seats and he reported late last night that Wolf Creek had reported another 11″ of new snow and that there were reports that the snow was much deeper than that.

The CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) cameras were all showing “a mess” and that’s all it took to inspire our man David – so unless the plane was totally booked or overbooked, David is on his way as of this post.

The REST of us are faced with other obligations that have us tied down to our desks and simply living virtually through snow-loving souls like David – OR virtually through whatever glimmer of hope for snow here in our mountains.

If you’re like me, you’re watching the weather forecast every few hours for a hint that the weather pattern might change even ever so slightly. You’re looking for anything that might stoke the juices and get this ski and snowboarding season “up and running” full steam ahead.


First check out Brad’s latest Skier’s Forecast (I mean weather forecast) video.

Next have a look at Snowshoe Mountain’s latest episodal video.

I don’t know about you guys but I am loving their approach to exciting the masses.

Next click over and visit our video page: Ski Resort Videos

That page shows all of their episodes (and they’re all worth a watch) as well as any and all videos that we’ve posted thus far this season from ski areas around the region.

Those should provide at least some measure of good mojo. Winter WILL BE HERE before you know it. Until then, THINK POSITIVE. THINK SNOW. THINK COLD.

Until next time…

Enjoy your day and THINK SNOW! THINK COLD!

Also visit all of our Ski Resort WebCams.

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