Snowshoe Trip Report 2/11

Had a hard time pulling this overnighter off. GF:"You just got back from Tahoe , What’s wrong with you?" But the jobsite is covered in snow , I can’t work .I bought a midweek pass especially for times like this ,in response .Any way made it happen.

Report said it snowed 5 inches overnight. I guess it was the windloading and the grooming crew leaving some goods ungroomed that made it seem deeper. Snowed all day, and still was when I left at 2 PM. Grab/knot bump. then over to choker.

Classic Moment Captured:

I found this quite amusing.And caught the moment .The classic vacationer bury is pretty common on choker /powday ungroomed.Reaching out for help.

Can’t beat em join em.

Photos provided by SKiNc/ MB Memeber brookbarrel.

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