Ski Southeast Summit

Ski Southeast Summit

2015 Ski Southeast Summit


Just What is a Ski Summit?

Ummmm, it’s FUN! It is a way to get some great turns in on the mountain FREE, some great discounts on lodging and it’s a great way to meet up with people who – just like you – love the snow!

How many times have you been skiing or snowboarding and visited the resort’s cafeteria or pub and ended up striking up a conversation with someone nearby or at your table? Our messageboard has made that very easy to do. Our ski websites attract more than 3 MILLION visitors per 150+ day ski season and a percentage of those people find their way onto our Messageboard forum. Thousands of those have found these forums a great way to ask questions and get answers to their questions! Several have struck up friendships and many meet numerous times each season at various ski areas in the region as well as out west.

ski summit skisoutheastOur Ski Summits are simply a way of getting together a couple of times each season with old and new friends. There’s no strings attached. This isn’t a real estate pitch or anything other than a good old time. Snowshoe Mountain has recognized how active our messageboard members are and invited us to host this – our 4th Annual SkiSoutheast / Snowshoe Summit – at Snowshoe!

During the first three summits we’ve average perhaps anywhere from 100-180 attendees and we think “THE MORE, THE MERRIER” and YOU are invited.


We wish that we could say that we had the brilliant idea of creating a “virtual ski club”, but the idea actually came from one colorful character who goes by the messageboard name of “TeleDave”. TDave is actually Dave McConnell (pictured to the left) and at his prodding (pun intended Dave) he was able to organize the first ever Summit which was held at Hawksnest Ski Resort on February 27th. 2005.

That first summit was attended by eight messageboard members and those guys (and now numerous others) have formed friendships that will last a lifetime. Many of our messageboard members have now met and traveled to Utah, Colorado, Montana and all points west…as well as several ski areas in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic to meet up, hang out and ride the snow.

Since that first meeting at Hawksnest in 2005, things have grown quite a bit to the point that our messageboard now has more than 1,900 registered members! 420 of those members have posted in the last month and there’s been more than 249,000 posts! More often than not you’ll find at least 60-100 members on the board at a time and there’s always some colorful fun commentaries happening!

Members share trip reports with photos and videos, and tons are answering questions that our visitors pose. Who better to ask your travel questions to – than people who have “been there and done that!”?

Those first eight guys, influenced by a guy who basically just said, “Man it’s time we put some faces with the names on this messageboard”, have grown into what many believe to be one of the most interactive ski forums in the country. The first summits might only have attracted a few people but those have now grown to the point that last season saw 140 +/- attendees and we’d like to see those numbers continue to grow!

In summary a Summit is simply a meeting up of fellow ski and snowboarding enthusiasts for the sole purpose of enjoying some good times, good food, good snow, and meeting new friends with the same likes!