Liberty Snowflex Tubing

liberty-tubingPrepare yourself for a truly unique tubing experience when you visit Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center at Liberty University. The ingenious design of Snowflex enables visitors to participate in all the fun of snow tubing no matter the season. Gone are the days of piling on layers of clothing to stay warm in the snow each time you want to experience the fun of tubing (though Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center does require that all guests where long-sleeved garments to protect their skin in the event that they should fall). Now, you and your family can enjoy one of your favorite winter activities in the warmth of summer, as well. Tubing, which takes place on the nursery slope and portions of the main slope, is as much fun as ever on the synthetic surface of Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center. Snowflex actually mimics the slip and grip qualities of natural snow, improving speed, so tubing on the Snowflex slopes is just a good, if not better, than snow tubing on natural or manmade snow.

Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center is a unique experience all around. With technology that, until now, was limited to the major ski areas in Europe, the Liberty Mountain Ski Slope at the Snowflex Center is definitely one of a kind. According to professional skiers and snowboarders, the slopes at Liberty University are some of the best in the world. With rave reviews from the pros and the fantastic Barrick-Falwell Lodge all located on the grounds of Liberty University, why not spend some time tubing on these unique synthetic slopes next time you find yourself in the Lynchburg area?