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No Snow, No Problem – LMSC’s Artificial Slope

LMSC's artificial slope is here for you when the Winter weather just won't cooperate! For the past few weeks the temperatures have been around 50 degrees...

State-of-the-Art Facility:

liberty01The opening of Liberty University’s Snowflex Center in August of ’09 marked the long-awaited arrival of the best in European synthetic technology in the United States. This state-of-the-art facility is open year-round, allowing ski and snowboard fanatics to participate in their favorite pastimes regardless of the temperature. Situated at the top of Liberty University’s 5,000-acre Liberty Mountain, the Snowflex Center at Liberty University caters to skiers and boarders of all skill levels and the cushion-like quality of the synthetic slopes makes this the perfect place for first-timers to learn the tricks of the trade, as well as an ideal place for more experienced winter sports enthusiasts to hone their skills during the off-season. Featuring two 500-foot runs, in addition to three big air jumps, two grind rails, and an 11-foot-high quarter pipe, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center is a great place for winter sports enthusiasts of all kinds.

What is Snowflex?

liberty snowflexThis technologically advanced synthetic material was designed by Briton Engineering’s Brian Thomas to perfectly replicate the “slip and grip” qualities of natural snow. A combination of cushiony layers kept lubricated by a system of tiny misters, Snowflex is a unique material that should not be confused with manmade snow. Unlike snow, which needs to be constantly groomed to keep its shape, Snowflex holds its shape no matter how often it is used, providing a consistent surface on which to develop skills. The cushion-like quality of the synthetic material lessens the impact of falls and makes it possible for skiers and rider to attempt riskier tricks with fewer restrictions. It can be molded into a variety of shapes and formations, creating interesting terrain. However, with all of these amazing characteristics, Snowflex still manages to retain the unique feel of natural snow—but with extra control and maximized speed.

The Lodge at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center:

The Barrick-Falwell Lodge has all the charm of an alpine resort with the modern conveniences visitors have come to expect from modern-day ski lodges, including a full-service rental shop featuring skiing, snowboarding, and tubing equipment, a Starbucks, and a café and snack bar operated by Liberty University Virginia’s dining services vendor, Sodexo. Lending a rustic feel to the Barrick-Falwell Lodge, the wall of the top floor are lined with Dr. Al Barrick’s numerous hunting trophies, and the 2,500-square-foot exterior deck boasts panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains that envelop Liberty University’s campus.

What First-Time Visitors Should Expect:

In order to protect their skin should they fall, those who visit Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center are expected to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and gloves, regardless of the season; windbreaker material is suggested. Due to the misting system, visitors should expect to get wet. All guests under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Guests should bring with them their government issued IDs, and Liberty University students are required to show their LU IDs. All first-time visitors, whether beginner, intermediate, or experienced, must report to the beginner slope upon check-in. This is deemed necessary because Snowflex is a unique service that requires getting used to. Certified instructors will be on site to provide lessons, and both skiing and snowboarding lessons are available for all levels. Please note that only 100 people are allowed on the slopes at once.

Staying in Lynchburg:

liberty snowflex vaThe city of Lynchburg, Virginia, is rich not only in history but in activities, attractions, and lodging. When you visit Lynchburg, be prepared for a cultural experience filled with historic sites and attractions, but also with great food, superb shopping, and fun activities to enjoy with the whole family. If an exciting nightlife is what you’re after, this college town is home to clubs and bars where you can keep the party going late into the night. In addition to being home to Liberty University, Lynchburg is full of great accommodations, from hotels to motels to private homes for rent. An ideal place to stay and ski every month of the year, Lynchburg is where you want to be.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center offers just that. This amazing technological marvel is a fantastic place for skiers, boarder, and tubers to enjoy their favorite winter sports all year long. If you’ve never skied or snowboarded, there is no better place to learn, and the ingenious design of Snowflex makes it possible for even the most experienced skiers or boarders to improve their skills. Whether it’s 9 degrees or 90, you can enjoy all the fun of your favorite winter pastimes at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center!