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On the Snow Reporters

YOU YOU can help us spread the news about the ski resorts of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic!

There's no better way of telling people how the conditions are at our many ski areas than to get the message out STRAIGHT from the people on the mountain - YOU!

Want to know what an On-Snow Reporter to see more information below and what our goals are.

We're giving away TEN SEASON PASSES and another $500 monthly for the volunteer reporters who do the best "job" of sending us the coolest or best ski, snowboarding or snow pics, videos and first-hand reports from the ski areas of our region.

What are we looking for? If you can answer "YES" to any of the questions below, then WE WANT YOU!

1. Will you be skiing, riding or visiting ANY of the 17 ski areas this season and simply would like to share your thoughts, photos or videos with our readers?

2. Will you be skiing, riding or visiting the ski areas often and could use $500 for your best efforts?

3. Are you a fan of one, two or more ski areas in the region and would simply like to spread the word of how cool our ski resorts are?

4. Will you be visiting the ski areas of West Virginia about once or more weekly and could use a FREE SEASON PASS to Snowshoe Mountain in return for simply taking a camera along with you and sending us some photos and videos when you go?

5. Are you a novice-to-professional photographer or videographer who could use a venue to show off how good you are with some great name recognition and wouldn't mind it if you were chosen as top reporter for a month or so along the way and collect $500 for your efforts?

6. Would you simply like to - for the love of the sport, your favorite ski resort or this website - help us promote the region's ski areas and perhaps collect some cash or occasional free lift passes for your efforts?


In addition to helping us spread the word about how great the ski areas are within our region, you have the opportunity to pick up some free skiing or snowboarding from time to time. We'll also give you special recognition at our SKI SUMMITS!

We're looking for good photos, videos and first-hand reports. We'll provide all reporters with stickers and login access to our server so that you can upload your camera photos and videos directly to us.

To join our " Army" simply fill in the form below and we'll contact you with the details.

Who knows, if you're really into it and do a good enough job, we may throw in a SkiSoutheast, North Face Ski Jacket complete with " Media" emblazed on it. (Only the most dedicated reporters who send photos or videos consistently throughout the season will be considered for a free ski jacket.)


If you'd like to be considered for the FREE SEASON PASSES FOR SNOWSHOE, we're only asking that you have the ability to hit the mountains of WV at least a time or two weekly. You can detail your interest via the link above or email: or Mike personally at

We will be giving away the FREE SNOWSHOE SEASON PASSES PRIOR TO December 22nd and they will be good for this full ski season until Snowshoe Mountain closes in late March or early April. So email us (me) or sign up today!


What is an On-Snow Reporter?

SkiNC and has been around since 1996. For the most part over the first several seasons we relied upon only a few resort staffers here and there to send us photos. Then several years ago we asked for volunteers to simply share their on snow experiences via photos and videos. By the second year we enjoyed more than 100 volunteers who periodically sent us photos and reports. There were a dozen of so dedicated reporters who began sending hundreds of photos that kept is knee-deep in great content. We actually held a reporter of the year contest and gave away $1000, a Free Vacation Getaway and more.

Truthfully we were overwhelmed with photos and our staff was so small that we simply could not post all of the images that our volunteers sent and the program kind of waned. Our messageboard drew has done a great job of posting "Trip Reports" to that section of the website however only about 8% of our audience hits the messageboard forums.

Fast forward to 2010 and we're staffed better to handle the "snowfall" of photos, videos and reports that you guys and gals could send. What we're basically asking you to do is to - BE A PART of the effort to educate people who rarely or have NEVER skied or snowboarded in the region JUST HOW GREAT our mountains are. The best way we know to do that is to recruit as many of YOU as possible to network together and spread the word.

While we're looking for a few, dedicated reporters that we might integrate into something more full-time, we're also simply looking for anyone that hits the slopes each season - whether a few times or dozens of times - to send us content that basically provides readers with a review of your experiences at the resorts of the region.

So an ON-SNOW REPORTER is simply a person who loves the snow, snow skiing, snowboarding and pretty much "all things snow" as much as we do - and would like to help us spread the word!

You guys are VERY important to us. Without your insightful reports and photographs we'd be...well, like all other websites out there. What makes us so special is YOU!

We basically have TWO reporting options:

  1. Join our team of On-Snow Reporters by SIGNING UP with the form below. You can send us ONE report during the year or several times a week! We only ask that you send reliable, straightforward, honest reports. Most of our reporters submit photos as well. Note: and will place your photos and reports RIGHT ON THE FRONT PAGE and credit you for all subsequent visitors to see—particularly for as long as the photo runs that day and then all images and reports are archived for anyone to see all season long!
  2. You DO NOT have to sign up to be an On-Snow Reporter to send us images. Send as many as possible, as often as you like.

Here's how we're working things this season:

  1. Please use to send your reports, photos and videos. If you send photos and videos often enough, we would be happy to provide you with a different means of providing us your reports. We can setup an FTP username and password that will enable you to more quickly send larger images and videos.
  2. When sending photos please send AT LEAST 800 pixels wide...and in TIF or JPG format.
  3. Whenever possible, give us a bit of information for captioning as to who or what the image pertains to and be sure to let us know the DATE and RESORT it is referencing.
  4. When submitting reports, PLEASE take the time to check for spelling errors, capitalization where needed, etc.

Advertising Contact For SkiSoutheast :

The phone number listed here is for ADVERTISING CONTACT ONLY. If you are interested in advertising, call our offices at 828-963-7286 and ask for Mike.

If you are inquiring about ANYTHING OTHER THAN ADVERTISING, please feel free to use the form above or you can send us an e-mail to, and we will be happy to answer your inquiry usually the same day during the season.

Due to the volume of inquiries that we receive per day, we are simply NOT able to assist those kinds of questions via our phone lines.