Ol’ Man Hooter!

Andrea Smith of Snowshoe Mountain sent this to me the other day.  I’ve skied there many times and have never seen this. (You will need to click on "click here for more" link to see the photo!)

Andrea wrote, " Hi Mike- …You had better not reply to this e-mail b/c you should be out skiing somewhere!  And yes, before you ask, I spent almost half my day yesterday on the slopes.  Anyhow, I wanted to send you this picture of what locals call Old Man Hooter.  This is a rock underneath the Ballhooter lift that, as you can see, looks like a face.  I just thought it was kind of neat and you might find it interesting.  If you use it anywhere, be sure to note that Mark Poore, a Snowshoe Ski Patroller took it for us.  A little piece of trivia people might enjoy looking for on their trip to Snowshoe.  Hope all is well with you."
First…Mark you have been photo credited, and second – we’ll be looking for that rock formation on future trips.  Pretty cool.